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Pucker-Up For GaŽlle

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Have you noticed the alluring Gaelle billboards of candy-coloured lips on Waterloo and Hope roads? Your Under the Dryer (UTD) team certainly has. In fact, we could hardly keep our eyes on the road! We immediately set out sleuthing to find the culprit. We were only too happy to discover Safyie Reid of Gaelle Cosmetics, a British Virgin Islands-based Jamaican revolutionising lipstick options for the Jamaican woman.

Pucker up, ladies! These matte liquid lipsticks are non-toxic, long-lasting, waterproof and fit for any occasion. Are you feeling more Boss Lady or more Punchinella this morning? Good thing there are 38 colour options offered for your every mood! “Names like our 'Browning' are quintessential Jamaican terms used in an affable manner to refer to women. It's simply a shout-out to Jamaican people, my heritage and my roots,” commented Reid. Now that's a catcall we'd be happy to answer to!

Reid certainly hasn't forgotten her manners. The other lipsticks are named in homage to women who have inspired and mentored her. The brand itself is named after her 10-year-old daughter Gaelle, whose vivacious and bright personality is something she models the brand after. If that doesn't tug on your heart strings, then the selection of outstanding colours certainly will. With this abundance of choices, the line will have you singing “I got, I got options” — like the Stephen Marley song.

We're certainly in good hands as Reid is a long-time member of the beauty and wellness industry. The inspiration for Gaelle came to her after a visit home. “I was reminded of how much pride Jamaican women take in their appearance and that's when I thought to do a make-up line,” she shared with UTD. Lipstick felt like the most practical entry point into the industry. “A woman hardly ever owns one lipstick and I am quite fascinated by the multiplicity of shades, colours and material,” she added.

Quality should always come before quantity, but what if you can have both? Reid ensures that the lipstick ingredients meet the highest standards. “Some of the biggest brands have been proven to have higher-than-acceptable levels of impurities. Currently the highest standard for cosmetics is the Canadian standard and so we adhere to that. Additionally, we have tested our products to ensure that all ingredients are within safe and acceptable limits.”

We'd happily be her product testers!

With bold lips and big ambitions, Reid has her eyes on the prize to flesh out the line with a variety of cosmetics. “I expect Gaelle Cosmetics to become synonymous with Jamaican beauty and to be the go-to product to fulfil all Jamaican women's make-up and beauty needs,” she noted.

So ladies, we would recommend you put your money where your mouth is and pick up a couple of weekend lip options at Fontana pharmacies across the island.