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The Matter At Hand

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jamaican women may well like to joke around, but it's a known fact that they do not play when it comes to their nails. With such a serious matter at hand (quite literally) we spoke with nail technician Claudia Edwards at Salon Bliss about the trending styles she's been seeing this summer.

Polka Dots

Sign on the dotted line! Polka dots are the latest nail trend Edwards has spotted. The style can be achieved in a multitude of colours to provide maximum contrast, or perhaps in more muted tones if you're a little shy. The effect can also be achieved with rhinestones if you're feeling the need to shine. Feeling a little dotty? So are we!


Coffin Nails

Consult your crystal ball, ladies! 2017 was predicted to be the year of the coffin nail and the predictions seem to be, well, on point. Coffin nails are no death sentence! In fact they're what The Under the Dryer (UTD) team recommends you rock this summer. The style is long with the tops shaved abruptly off. “I prefer to call it the ballerina nails,” says Edwards. “It sounds a little more positive.”



Nudes are in, and we're not talking about pictures! The trend might be attributed to the Kardashians. Kim and Khloe aside, we're happy to see the elegant colour scheme being given so much attention. The nail colour suits all wardrobe looks and can transition from work to happy hour without a second thought.


A quick question: Do women actually like getting their nails done?

It's long been an agreed-upon sentiment that women love to go to the salon. However, some women see it as the ultimate chore and detest how time-consuming it can be. With this in mind, we set out to get the word from the ground. Of the women we interviewed at the salon, 80% of them enjoyed kicking back and getting their nails done. “I love a little R&R,” said Randicia McNeil. The votes are in, ladies and gents, make your appointment at Salon Bliss!



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