Vows: We Found Love

Mr and Mrs Ishmael Wiggan face the cameras. (Aceion Cunningham)

The solemnisation of holy matrimony uniting Ishmael Wiggan and Aneika Smith took place last Saturday at the historic 170-year-old Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay. THE CONNECTION… The ceremony was a milestone in a journey of long-distance love, friendship, spiritual bonding and shared ... Read More

KENYON HEMANS AW Fashion: Washington’s Summer Breeze
“My vision was to create pieces that makes a woman feel sexy,” a reflective Courtney Was ... Read More

SO Contributing Editor Kamal Bankay, THE Experience Curator.(BRYAN CUMMINGS) Stylishly Entertaining: The weekend getaway done just right
There’s the lightbulb moment - the brilliant idea comes to you in-between rifling through your ... Read More

SO Contributing Editor Dwayney Paul currently works across 27 countries as a senior manager, Global Brand and Consumer Insights for Scotiabank and is also a senior adjunct lecturer at the Mona School of Buisness, UWI.(BRYAN CUMMINGS) The Business Traveller by Dwayney Paul
A look into business travel experiences by global banker and UWI lecturer Dwayney Paul. Internatio ... Read More

Cocktails With... Judette Coward Puglisi

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

To introduce their latest financial package solution, notably JMMB Her Wealth, last Wednesday at the Spanish Court Worthington securities broker and dealer Jamaica Money Market Brokers tapped Mango Media Caribbean Managing Director Judette Coward Puglisi to deliver the keynote address. Wearing her country’s most celebrated designer, Meiling, the Trinbagonian media, communications & public relations specialist encouraged prospective JMMB Her Wealth investors at the launch event to secur ... Read More

Honey Bun Heiress Finds Her Voice in Print

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

Author Krystal and her mum Michelle Chong, CEO of Honey Bun & JEA president.(Michael Gordon)

Ever been driving down an all-too-familiar road, passing the right sign posts and familiar sights and then suddenly realise that you are heading in the wrong direction? Such was the life-changing moment of Honey Bun heiress Krystal Chong who, in her mid-twenties, after belt-notching all the right degrees and all the right career moves that made Mummy, Daddy, bestie and society proud had her come-to-Puppa-Jesus moment, “OMG, whose life is this?” She was head of marketing at Honey Bu ... Read More

London Beckons For 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

A carnival performer in costume. Notting Hill Carnival, London.(James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock)

As holiday destinations go, London is definitely on the ‘A’ list and, according to Diane Corrie, commercial manager, Caribbean, for British Airways“ It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2017 vacation.” In fact, according to Corrie, early planning can bring extra benefits like taking advantage of British Airways’ instalment payment options. She explained that British Airways allows passengers to “secure their vacation by paying a deposit on ... Read More

Jamaica Nice! by Maurice Sloley

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

The rum bar culture and experience we have in Jamaica rivals that of any high-end lounge I’ve found in the US, and it became my goal to seek out the best of the best across all parishes... SO Contributing Editor Maurice Sloley, head of operations at Wendy’s Jamaica.(ANTONIO GRAHAM)

Having lived in Miami, Florida for 13 years, I became a fanatic of the quickly evolving cocktail bar culture that the city had to offer. I had my regular spots across downtown Miami and South Beach, but nothing would thrill me more than finding new spots that offered cocktails and a genuine care for preserving the art of mixology. Whether it be a local dive bar or a chic lounge, I wanted to experience them all. In December of 2012, I relocated to Jamaica and, much to my dismay, this cocktail bar ... Read More

Your Bearded Best by Imru James

by Imru James | Sunday, January 22, 2017    

The beard is back... Imru James, brand manager Stouts and Malta — Red Stripe & SO contributing editor. (BRYAN CUMMINGS)

The beard is back, baby! It’s back with a bang, transforming boys into men and men into Greek gods. We’ve all seen the ad campaigns — the bearded man feels no fear and is in complete control. A night out is like an epic sequence from an action movie. However, before he arrives in the final frame with the leading lady he has to ensure that his beard is in tip-top shape. It would be remiss of me not to point out that the most important variable, the truly inestimable value of th ... Read More

The Sapeurs

by Rory Burchenson | Sunday, January 22, 2017    

Sapeur style coming through!

SO introduces an all-male cast of contributing editors... ...There are few who would dispute that statement. But I dare to go further to say that style makes the world a better place. Brazzaville Congo: the average income is less than US$35 a month, but in the most impoverished of these communities you will find a group of men in the midst of extreme poverty keeping fashion and elegance alive with style. These men are the Sapeurs, which stands for: Société des Ambianceurs e ... Read More

Gardening - Jan 22

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, January 22, 2017    

Epidendrum orchid

Dear Orchid Doc: I live in Greater Portmore and the heat has been giving my Phalaenopsis orchids a warm time. Do you have any suggestions? Lorna Dear Lorna: The temperature in your area is really too high for Phalaenopsis orchids. Maybe you could try to increase the percentage of shade and the movement of air by using a fan. Heat helps the growth of the leaves and the length of the stem, but does not increase the number of buds. Too much heat also shortens the life of the blooms. Frankly, as ... Read More

‘JMMB Her Wealth’ Part 2

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

Epic Technologies’ Marketing & Sales Officer Tamoya Chen (left), media personality Shelly-Ann Weeks (centre) and Marketing Jamaica Limited’s Tracey-Ann Mullings were clearly in approval of the evening’s proceedings. Michael Gordon

Our coverage of the JMMB Group’s Evening of Theatre, Inspiration & Revelation commenced Friday last. Sunday Social takes you back inside the full house at the Spanish Court Worthington, where the all-female audience enjoyed entertainment courtesy of Ashe Company, whose creative genius with provocative storylines and impressive dance and musical flair certainly impressed. There was, too, specially invited guest, Trinidadian motivational speaker and blogger Judette Coward-Puglisi, who d ... Read More

My Mobay — Mario Gonzalez Acedo

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

Mario Gonzalez Acedo
Corporate Executive Chef of the Americas,
Grupo Iberostar.(ANTONIO GRAHAM)

What is your most recent memory of Montego Bay? I have to travel very often, so I would say that last week, going downtown and enjoying a great meal at Mystic Thai, would be it. What’s the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Montego Bay? I can still remember the first time I tasted jerk chicken in a local restaurant, downtown. What would you do if you were mayor of Montego Bay for a day? I would launch a gastronomy fair with all the restaurants from Montego Bay, so that g ... Read More

SPOTTED!! Meiling Esau

Sunday, January 22, 2017    

The fashion designer and style arbiter Meiling Esau takes her own advice, with a smile.

The third staging of the Trinidad & Tobago Table Talk Food Awards called for a sojourn to the twin-island republic, a visit which would have been rendered incomplete without a customary atelier pop-in to see minimalist Fashion doyenne Meiling Esau, in Woodbrook. The self-proclaimed queen of black charms offers a thoughtful sartorial forecast and an instructive reinforcement of timeless chic. 1 My last show was called ‘Back to Back’. So I’m thinking that the back of the g ... Read More



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