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Memories and anniversaries

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Friends, yesterday marked the 9/11 anniversary when wicked terrorists struck the US killing (3) innocent people and marking the start of a fresh war against terrorism. The world has not been the same since that deadly strike using passenger planes (24). Several families, including Jamaicans are still hurting from that those attacks.

Then today we have another type of anniversary — 30 years after Hurricane Gilbert decided to tears down trees (16) from St Thomas to Westmoreland and destroy big (33) and small (10) buildings in its path leaving flooding (30).

Thirty years after Gilbert it seems the Carolinas will get the anniversary reminder as a storm barrels towards that section of the United Sates. We hope the destruction will be minimal.

It's nice that small ganja (11) farmers are being considered to be a part of the bigger industry. Good move, Minister (34)!

Our sympathies to those of lost goods in that warehouse fire (27) yesterday.

Until next time, walk good.