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Vows - The Wright Love Story

The couple raised their
hands together in triumph
as they were introduced as
Mr and Mrs Tarik Wright
for the first time.

"Now I've got you in my space I won't let go of you Got you shackled in my embrace I'm latching on to you." — Latch by Sam Smith How they met... Fiona Panton was initially reluctant to divulge her phone number when engineer Tarik Wright asked. The year was 2012, and the two strangers wer ... Read More

What marriage advice works and what doesn't
BEFORE you get married, just about everyone will give their two cents about what you should or shoul ... Read More

Jamaica at the age
of 18 in netball Evett Malcolm: sport is her passion
MONTEGO BAY, St James — At 46, Evett Malcolm still finds time to play netball for her club Cry ... Read More

Model: Parissa Samuels Games you can play with your kids
It's not enough to stock up on the latest toys and gadgets for your children, it's also important th ... Read More

My first crush

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE | Monday, October 20, 2014    

IT was probably in high school or primary school that you caught your first crush bug -- this one person who made you so nervous and tongue tied that you fancied yourself in love. But, whether you call it love, infatuation or a mere crush, one thing is certain -- you never forget. This week All Woman asked readers to share their first crush experiences. Lloyd S, 41: My first crush was when I was 15. I was in love with a 17-year-old. It was devastating because we became best friends instead ... Read More

LIME men wear pink for breast cancer

Monday, October 20, 2014    

(L-R) Carlo
Redwood and

THE men at LIME are proud to wear pink this October, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to increase awareness about the disease, which affects both sexes. This week, the men encourage women to get their regular mammograms and breast self-examinations done, while acknowledging the work being done worldwide to curtail the disease. Women aged 40 and over should make an annual mammogram a critical part of their health regimen, as they are at the highest risk. But women are presen ... Read More

I hit him in the face just to get a reaction...

Monday, October 20, 2014    

VIOLENCE should not be condoned in an intimate relationship, whether it is perpetrated by the man or the woman, and no excuse should be accepted for any abusive behaviour. But one of the reasons intimate partner violence continues unabated is that the victim, out of fear or a desire to protect the partner and preserve the relationship, remains silent and suffers physical and emotional pain. "You could either stay in the abusive relationship and suffer the physical pain and emotional hurt, or y ... Read More

Men: What we hate about you

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, October 20, 2014    

WOMEN will gather in groups and single out men for abuse, criticising everything from their lousy pay cheques to their pot bellies or even their performance in bed. All men are dogs in some women's books, and they use this to justify male bashing and angst that never seems to ebb. But it's not often that a man will share the same complaints. Indeed, when he does, it's seen as an affront to a woman's sensibilities. But, like women, men have grouses too, and this week they're taking the no-fear a ... Read More

I want a divorce, but...

By Margarette Macaulay | Monday, October 20, 2014    

Dear Mrs Macaulay, I have been be married for nine years. My husband has been living abroad for the past six and half years. During this period he only returned to Jamaica once, about three years ago. I have learned that he lives with a woman and has fathered a child with this woman. We communicate often on the phone. He is an illegal alien and does not intend to return home. I would like to get a divorce but I am unemployed and he refuses to give me his exact address, although I know the count ... Read More

So my ex is getting married...

With Wayne Powell MA Counselling Psychology Relationship Counsellor | Monday, October 20, 2014    

Dear Counsellor, I am a 25-year-old Christian. I have a great job and am currently finishing up my degree. I was in a relationship with my high school boyfriend for eight years. He was my best friend. We helped each other overcome our obstacles. We were engaged for two years and were supposed to get married. But he called it quits two years ago, and said it wasn't me, it was him, and we both moved on. Just recently I got an invitation for his wedding this year. It has not even been a year sinc ... Read More

What to do when your child is being bullied

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE | Monday, October 20, 2014    

Model: Bryanna Wright

A few months ago, in June, police were called in to investigate a complaint that the mother of a child at a prominent prep school in St Andrew attacked a 10-year-old boy and threatened him with death after learning that the boy had been in a fight with her son at school. The angry parent walked into the school devotion and pulled the boy from the group to a car park, where he was told that if he continued to harass the other child, he would be killed. A parent came to the boy's rescue. Allegat ... Read More

Wifie's revenge

By GEORGETTE FRANCIS | Monday, October 20, 2014    

Dear Reader, It's our fourth year of marriage and I'm feeling decidedly hostile and distinctively homicidal towards my husband's phone. Actually it's the alarm that I'm having murderous designs on, but then again, it's that stupid little Nokia phone that houses that demon spawn of a noisemaker. Seriously, how many times do I need to have my sleep-induced cosiness (read: coma) and peace of my Lisa Frank dream about prancing around in a rainbow garden with pretty pink unicorns and fluffy bunn ... Read More

Little People Pix

Monday, October 20, 2014    

Happy birthday Happy birthday to Kimoneque and Simoneque who will celebrate their special day on October 28. Love from mom, sister, uncle, grandparents and godparents. Happy belated birthday Happy belated birthday to Carleeya Thorpe who celebrated her first birthday on October 8. Greetings coming from dad Ricardo, mom Tanya, aunty Kareen, family and friends. Happy belated birthday Happy belated birthday Mikhail Malik Atkinson, from mommy, daddy, auntie, grandma and the rest of the family ... Read More

Pauline Ewan - A mighty heart

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, October 20, 2014    

Pauline Ewan

SHE'S vibrant, spiritual and sincere and she has a passion for volunteering and giving selflessly. "After you leave this world it's what you've done that you will be remembered for," Pauline Ewan said, explaining why service above self is second nature. The 42 year old is the first foreign exchange business development manager at Scotiabank, where she leads a six member team. And in her spare time she's feeding the homeless, helping the aged, supporting bright youngsters with financial problem ... Read More



What type of entertainment does the romance in your relationship most resemble?
A sweet, mushy romantic movie
A re-run, where we do the same old-same old all the time
A tragic love story with no happy ending, reminiscent of the songs Secret Lovers or As We Lay
A Tyler Perry drama, complete with abuse, violence and strange exes
An action movie where there's always suspense, fun and explosive passion

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