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Summer outing ideas


WE’RE almost into the second month of the summer holidays, and though many summer camps and summer school activities wind down this week, parents still have a whole month before school reopens to figure out what to do with their little ones. Here are some ideas for getting your tots through t ... Read More

That first DENTISTvisit That first DENTIST visit
A child’s first visit to the dentist should normally be between 12 and 24 months and then abou ... Read More

Choosing the
right pet for
your child Choosing the right pet for your child
No doubt, pets are a great addition to any family; they teach kids responsibility, how to be caring, ... Read More

YOUR PREGNANCY: The C-section Your pregnancy: The C-section
Sometimes a C-section is safer for you or your baby than is a vaginal delivery. Your doctor might re ... Read More

Dianne Fletcher Pastor, painter

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Fletcher displays some of her

WHEN she's not on the pulpit delivering God's word, Pastor Dianne Fletcher will most likely be at home or somewhere comfortable painting. It's what relaxes her, and her office and home are decorated with a number of her paintings, which have also been making the rounds on the exhibition scene. "I'm really inspired. I love flowers, still life, and so I keep doing those. I've tried people but I don't like that; I tend to go for what I like," she tells All Woman. The former Wolmer's girl says he ... Read More

Is Twitter ruining your relationship?

Monday, July 21, 2014    

PINGING, Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking have all become an integral part of our lives, as we live in the age where hanging out on social media sites has become more important than even spending time with family. A study, The third wheel: the impact of Twitter use on relationship infidelity and divorce by Russell B Clayton from the Department of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia, published this month in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking, sought to ... Read More

Things never to do on a first date

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Liquid Gold

DATING is not that difficult; the rule of thumb is to act the way you would want the other person to act around you, and do what you would want done to you, and if both persons bear this in mind, then you are good to go. But stories of bad dates continue to abound, necessitating the need for to-do lists appearing everywhere for the non-savvy. Is texting OK during a date? Is begging credit a no-no? Here's a list, compiled from replies from our dating readers, of what never to do on a first date. ... Read More

Shashana Lawrence is LASCO Nurse of the Year

BY AINSWORTH MORRIS Observer writer | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Shashana Lawrence, 2014/2015 LASCO Nurse of the Year, receives her trophy from
Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson (second left), chairman and chief executive
officer of LASCO Group of Companies Lascelles Chin (second right), and managing
director of LASCO Distributors Limited Peter Chin.

CRITICAL care nurse Shashana Lawrence was in disbelief on being declared the 2014/2015 LASCO/NAJ Nurse of the Year. As the youngest nominee, the 30-year-old said, although she scored high marks in the final round of the judging, she thought a more experienced and mature nurse would have received the award. "I really did not expect it given that I was the youngest nominee this year. I am very elated though. I am lost for words. I really did not expect it," Lawrence told the Jamaica Observer sho ... Read More

Trimming the baby's fat

Monday, July 21, 2014    

WHILE some children may just be chubby or haven't yet lost the baby fat, others are dealing with a more chronic condition that has health officials concerned. Two years ago the Government sounded the sirens, reporting that the prevalence of obesity among Jamaican children was on the increase, partly because physical education is not compulsory throughout the school system. Then, it was reported that more than 11 per cent of children 10 to 15 years old, and 35 per cent of teenagers between 15 t ... Read More

What are my chances of becoming pregnant?

Dr Sharmaine Mitchell | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Dear Dr Mitchell, I am 35 years old and have been trying to get pregnant without success for the past three years. I was recently diagnosed as having a bicornuate uterus. What are my chances of getting pregnant and what is the success of carrying the baby to term? I have read up on this condition on the internet and it's quite scary! I must add that I'm overweight and my partner has a four-year-old son. A bicornuate uterus is a birth defect in which the body of the uterus is split into two so ... Read More

VOWS - The Music of Love

Monday, July 21, 2014    

Newley weds Mr & Mrs André Smith

A Little Spot in Kingston Love is a curious paradox. It is infamously difficult to find, but can happen almost anywhere -- be it on a grand Parisian boulevard or an obscure little verandah in the country. André Smith and Nicole Hines perhaps weren't looking for love when they started running into each other at their regular eatery. They were students at the University of the West Indies when they met, though they mostly knew each other through mutual friends. "At that time neither one o ... Read More

'It's her time of the month...'

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE | Monday, July 21, 2014    

FOR the most part, the modern woman hates to have her moods, behaviours and capabilities tied to her time of the month, though many men, especially, still link the period to their women's foul moods. It even spreads to the workplace where bosses will snidely comment on their female staff's PMS, or where male colleagues believe a woman is bad-tempered because 'Aunt Mary' is visiting. But though women don't want to feel like they're controlled by their periods, according to experts and a local s ... Read More

Dizzy, nauseous couch potato needs help

By Donovan Grant | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Dear Donovan, I finally decided to quit being a couch potato and get fit. This took a lot of mental preparation and I consulted with a personal trainer and was ready to get started. However, after doing jumping jacks for one minute, squats for another minute and then lunges, I began feeling dizzy and nauseous coupled with my mouth being dry. I had to sit for a while and consume a bottle of water to feel better. I eventually bounced back in the same session and got going again, only to feel my c ... Read More

I just can't bother

With Wayne Powell MA Counselling Psychology Relationship Counsellor | Monday, July 21, 2014    

Dear Counsellor, I have been with my boyfriend for seven years and we have two children together. He's a great father but I guess he forgot how to be a caring boyfriend after I got pregnant. I've moved out numerous times but I keep going back because of the kids. There are times when he's insensitive and childish. He was not working for two years and I was the one who paid all the bills and took care of the children. I took out a credit card to help with the bills and it eventually got maxed ... Read More



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