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"I don't have a slim wish," declares the woman known to her adoring fans as Miss Kitty. "I'm known as being fun, fashionable, fluffy and fabulous," she continues, flipping the over-the-top golden blond flip from her face.

It's a movement that reveals gorgeous eyes framed by great long lashes, fabulous skin, a great-looking mouth and teeth that many Hollywood types would drop mega bucks for. "People, employers and especially women tend to be very unkind to females who look like me. I don't use the word Fat. It's banned from my vocabulary and I'm certainly not society's stereotypical fat, unattractive, lazy and sour woman."

It's no idle boast, Miss Kitty is fluffy and fabulous and with each movement causes both males and females to take a second look.

It has not always been this good however, and although she has never been desirous of weighing 90 pounds and was absolutely appalled by a friend who stayed painfully slim on a diet of an American apple a day and water, there were times, especially during those high school physical education periods, when according to her, "I didn't feel cute and my breasts were bigger than everyone else's."

Positive reinforcement from her parents were of little help. "I mean," she continues, "there's nothing like a parent's love, but I still had to cope with my size." It was a former boyfriend who gave her the confidence to banish thoughts of breast reduction and enjoy life. "He told me that if I reduced my breast size he'd be gone.

I took a complete U-turn." Today, Miss Kitty speaks to her definition of 'Fluffy'. "It's not just a body type it's a mindset. You can be slim and fluffy inside or simply fluffy and fabulous." This diva is not holding back and steps out in dresses and skirts that she once refused to wear.

Eschew all thoughts of dark, receding colours, Miss Kitty fluffs in bold colours and has no desire to be small. "I went through the dark colours and the tent-size clothes. I mean I was hiding and certainly didn't want to be seen. Today, it's look at me I'm not hiding."

The 25-year-old diva has always attracted the six-foot, gorgeous hunks (to the dismay of many sisters). "I get the type of looks that beg the questions 'How?', 'Why?' and 'Impossible?'

Our take is a completely different one. We actually spotted Miss Kitty at the recently concluded Observer Teenage Choice Awards and were bowled over. The sister is fabulous. So do fluffy girls have all the fun? Miss Kitty thinks they can and that they do, but cautions that she's a healthy fluffy diva. "Women are always quick to applaud me, but I'm healthy, agile, beautiful and hot and would like to stress that "if the weight is making you ill, do something about it."

You heard it, ladies, Miss Kitty is into health so it's not just about fluff. And there was a message too for those corporate types with their slim trophy wives and the nagging desire for a fluffy, fab woman: "Be honest to yourselves and find true happiness."

More on Miss Kitty

Kadene 'Miss Kitty' Hylton entered the entertainment scene in 1999 when she hosted RJR''s Youth factor. Then it was on to Zip 103 where she worked as an entertainment journalist.

It wasn't long before she was recruited by Reggae Entertainment Television (RETV) to serve as host for their VIP Backstage feature. Today, the 'Fluffy Diva' Miss Kitty is known as the CEO of her very own prime time radio talk show - The Entertainment Office, which is featured on the award-winning Nationwide Radio.

Miss Kitty Style Tips For Fluffy Girls

Wear good-fitting foundation garments.

Cotton keeps you cool, fresh and dry all day long.

If your confidence level is not as high as Miss Kitty's, take smaller steps at first.

Experiment and do ensure like Miss Kitty that it's a total 'fluffy' package: hair, make-up, nails and wardrobe.

Finally, if you're a fluffy diva and feel that you're being discriminated against, let us know.

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