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SOME women will tell you that they don't care about good looks, as all they want is a good man. They may have run the gamut and they have met them all - the loser, the bum and the womaniser who just wants another piece of flesh. Finding a decent man, many women think, is not only painstaking, but it leaves a lot of women feeling more and more depressed.

But finding (and recognising) a good man may not be as hard as you imagined, and below we give you some ways how to.

Now ladies, we are not sure if these tips will help you to get a good man, but we are more than pleased to show you how to spot one.

1 He practices self-control. He is the type of guy who knows his limit and exercises some amount of restraint in trying times. Yeah you might look great and all, but the first thing out of his mouth the first time you meet him won't be, "When can we go to your house and get dirty?"

2 Strong sense of loyalty. He will be able to make promises and keep them. So after knowing him for sometime, you won't be left wondering if he is going to stick around after you get pregnant, or after he vows to be with you through thick and thin. His sense of loyalty will force him to go to work instead of spending inordinate amounts of time in front of the television.

3 Good conversationalist. A lack of communication can cause any relationship to be strained. So if he is a great conversationalist, you would be better able to gauge his personality more. He is someone who is not afraid to express himself and let you know when he is not pleased with something or just how much he feels about you.

4 He is not pretentious. He is not a chameleon who is one way with his friends and another way with you. He is also not the type to discuss your problems with his friends or disrespect you when you are hanging out with them.

5 Good sense of humour. This is on the top of the list for most girls when seeking out a significant other, and when you consider how the world is today, you could probably understand why. No one wants to spend their life with an uptight guy who never sees the funny side of life.

6 He is patient. He does not pressure you to do something you are uncomfortable with. He understands if you are not ready to take it to the next level and is patient enough to stick around until you are.

7 He is literate. This is not to suggest that all who are literate will treat you right, some of them can be very egotistical and scheming. But at least he will probably be more adept to reasoning with you. He is always willing to expand his knowledge and as such open to new ideas and insights.

8 He is trusting. He won't feel the need to put a leash on you and question you about your every move in order to feel secure. Instead, he will give you the privacy you deserve and show respect for your need for space.

9Does not bad mouth others. A decent guy will not speak derogatorily of his ex-girlfriend, no matter how much she hurt him. Everything about the way he deals with you suggests that he has respect. It is not a part of his character to gossip and bad-mouth other people.

10 He is in touch with his feelings. No girl wants a guy who is easily intimidated, but a guy who is in touch with his emotions is one to consider. That's the type who does not feel he has to be macho, but can be vulnerable and shed some tears if necessary. He is not afraid to be compassionate towards you.

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