10 ways to know he's no good in bed

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MANY women say they can take one good look at a man to tell that he will make a really great lover. On the flip side, others will tell you that they can spot a bad lover a mile away, as there are certain signs that will clue you in, as to whether he's worth the second date or not.

Here are some which you shared with us.

1 He brags a lot. Ever heard the expression "barking dogs seldom bite?" This rings true too when it comes on to men who are always bragging about their prowess in bed.

2 He's always impatient. Rush, rush, rush. If he's always hurrying you up, can't contain his impatience, sighing a million times just because you are not moving quickly enough, then be warned, this same kind of impatience more than likely will be applied to bedroom activities too.

3 Indecisive. There's nothing more irritating than a man who just can't make up his mind. The simplest of questions will have him 'if' and 'butting'. Can you imagine being in the bedroom with a guy like this? By the time he makes up his mind the mood will have passed!

4 Self-centred. Self-centred men are just too into themselves to give two hoots about your needs. Don't be surprised if they pull off something like this: "The first one who climaxes wins the race!" Of course you don't need two guesses on who that will be.

5 An alcoholic. Nothing's wrong with a man who enjoys a little social drinking, but when he's hooked on the bottle, watch it, chances are he will be too out of it to fulfil your needs, plus who wants to be stuck with a rum-breath man breathing in your face? If that's not a mood killer, don't know what is.

6 Doesn't seem excited about varied sexual preferences. From your conversations with him, you know when it comes to being adventurous in bed he's definitely not the right candidate for the job. He shoots down every sexy suggestion you come up with except for the old boring stuff you aren't interested in!

7 Sloppy attire. Desire begins from the eyes and if he's very sloppy about his appearance then you can bet your bottom dollar that's one relationship which is not destined to go any further.

8 Not the amorous type. You know you have a real hottie on your hands when he can't resist touching you everytime you pass, or wants to plant a kiss on you. If nothing about you seems to get him excited, then don't count on that attitude of his changing once you get him into bed.

9 No sex appeal. Face it, if he didn't push your buttons when you just met him, then what makes you think going to bed with him will change all that? You are just setting yourself up for major disappointment if you ignore the obvious warning and go ahead anyway.

10 Has no respect for women. A man who doesn't have any respect for a woman will not be thinking about your needs or your pleasure for that matter. He won't care enough to want to ensure that are totally satisfied.

- Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

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