Breasts, toes and belly buttons What's your man's fetish?

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NOT many will admit it, but some men get turned on by the weirdest things. It's that thing that keeps them going, that gets the most attention during your lovemaking and is oftentimes more pleasurable than sexual stimulation itself. But there is no need to be ashamed, that's what a fetish is supposed to do.

A fetish has been known historically to be a "charm", something that leaves you spellbound and wields unimanageable power over your senses. Contemporarily, a fetish is that object or body part with which you are obsessively fixated, and which gives you sexual gratification. Sexual fetishism can either be regarded as a disorder or an enhancing element to a relationship depending on how you view it.

Here are some we uncovered in a random All Woman poll.


This is the first place some men head for during foreplay, lavishing endless love and attention. And some have found their own way of making their woman feel special by placing kisses, giving a sensuous foot massage or spending endless seconds teasing the toes. There are others who unashamedly admit to not feeling satisfied until they are able to climax on a woman's feet. For Demetri, a pair of nice manicured feet does the trick for him. "It's an indication of what the rest of her body will be like" he says.

Body piercings

Some men can't do without the tingly feeling that a pair of metal earrings give during lovemaking. Any piercing will do for them, whether it is the belly button, tongue or nipple, it doesn't matter. Those who take their fetishism to the extreme will tell you that it is a prerequisite. So don't be surprised it your beau pays more attention to your pierced belly button than you.

High heels

There is nothing more pleasurable to some men than seeing a lady strutting in a pair of stilettos. As such, they become as much a commodity in the bedroom as a condom should be. It's something Greggory might never understand about himself, but there is something about a woman with nice shapely legs in a pair of high heels that in his words, "turn me on".


While a nice pair of ample bosoms is something that most men gravitate to during sex, some have taken their love for the breast to a whole other extreme. A breast fetishist is one who heavily relies on breasts to act as a stimulus for sexual arousal. Their devotion to the breast is obvious during sex as they spend a lot of time kneading, kissing and sucking the breast. One explanation given for this fascination is that the breast is seen as an instrument for nurture and comfort.

Hairy legs

Probably it is that ticklish feeling that a pair of hairy legs produce during sex, but for some strange reason, some men are insanely obsessed with women with hairy legs. As such, they spend hours interchangeably combing and pulling the hair, giving a combination of pain and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Belly buttons

A nice one is a prerequisite for many men who are endlessly fascinated by that little spot on a woman's body. Dave admits to spending his of time blowing in them, kissing and licking non-stop until he gets his fill.

Downy backs

Some men will scoff at the thought of a woman neglecting her hair grooming habits in other areas, but when it comes to the hair on her back, they are hooked. Said Pablo, "I like the hair that starts from the nape of the neck to the curve of her butt. I gravitate towards women who are mixed for that reason. I can spend hours just watching the way they look on a woman".

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