Treating vaginal chafing

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ANY activity that requires skin to repeatedly rub against skin can lead to chafing. Therefore, the most common causes of vaginal chafing are prolonged sexual intercourse, rough intercourse or constant rubbing of the outside of the vagina during masturbation.

Other factors that can result in vaginal chafing are tight clothes and obesity, while moisture from sweat makes the problem worse.

According to Dr William Dvorine, author of A Dermatologist's Guide to Home Skin Treatment, chafing usually comes on suddenly and announces itself with a painful stinging or burning sensation.

"If you don't stop whatever's rubbing you the wrong way, inflamed surface skin can actually get rubbed away and the area will begin to ooze," he said.

Anybody can experience chafing if steps are not taken to prevent it. While it is a minor problem that is easily treated and easily prevented, it can be very uncomfortable for women, especially during this hot season when the vaginal area is prone to sweat.

In preventing chafing, use a proper lubricant during sex and wear proper clothing. Here are ways in which it can be treated.

. Once your vagina is chafed, you'll need to give it a chance to heal. Take a break from the activity that caused the problem in the first place. Chafing should heal in a day or two.

. Loose-fitting cotton underwear is best for chafe-prone skin, especially during the summer.

. If your chafing is caused by excessive sweating during exercise, you might want to confine your workouts to cooler morning and evening hours, and avoid long walks in the heat.

Once you are chafed, treat the area like an open wound. Wash and clean with mild antiseptic as often as possible to prevent it from becoming inflamed.


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