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BET and Island Stylee presenter, 31 year-old Rachel Stuart-Baker, is in Kingston chilling out for a couple of days before her final Island Stylee shoot in Ocho Rios. It's also her last overseas trip for some time, as this former holder of the Miss Jamaica Universe, is pregnant with twins.

The initial shock is over and save for pregnancy acne, Rachel is glowing, still stunning and in very high spirits.

"I'm hoping for one of each, a boy and girl. The twins are due in July, and as this kind of pregnancy is considered high risk my focus until then will be on my daughter Elya (now 3), my husband Paxton Baker (Executive president BET Jazz and president BET Events production) and my weekly Hatha yoga classes," she said.'There has been no morning sickness but I am craving Jamaican foods".

Blame it on a woman content with her life. "I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to do.juggling career, family and travel. I'm part -time with BET hosting mainly specials and of course Island Stylee (the Air Jamaica in flight production) which takes me around the Caribbean."

Or the fact that after nine years of marriage she's still passionately in love with the man she says she was destined to meet. But Rachel is also speaking in practical terms about things like solidifying your relationship before starting a family. "There's already enough pressure and stress in a marriage without adding a family to all of that. The couple unit is important as is taking care of yourself".

When all is said and done, Rachel Stuart is still a Caribbean woman and family is an integral part of her existence.

Pregnancy aside, Rachel is still stylish - elegantly clad in low-waist trousers and a cotton tee. It's hard to ignore the stunning, unpolished diamond and emerald pendant worn around her neck. "It's something we picked up in India", she remarks, flashing her trade-mark beautiful wide smile. Stuart is a regular mum, for in her (albeit irregular mum bag) Louis Vuitton bucket she pulls out jelly beans, wet wipes, tissues, lollipops etc.

In the Coach make-up bag, there's lip balm, Lancome soft, Mac regular black eye liner, Mac studio fixe, L'Oreal voluminous black mascara, Lychee luxe, Frizz Ease, lip gloss, and Lancome juicy tubes, cerise sheer.

In the bathroom there's Clarins -the whole line and Cetaphil (now perfect for her acne breakout). Her shampoo changes regularly. Her beauty routine in Washington comprises a weekly light facial scrub and a mask.

To rid herself of the nagging ten pounds from her first pregnancy, Stuart turned to Bikran (hot) yoga. "It took me a whole year to get rid of the last ten pounds. I'm not a gym person", she states emphatically. "I love natural outdoorsy things like walking, hiking, and swimming. I'm still taking yoga classes but the gentler Hatha version.

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