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All Woman

It's countdown to the big day for Annabella Seaga and with the shower out of the way (it took place yoga style Sunday last) it's all systems go.

It was all systems go in Ocho Rios last weekend when the fabulously wealthy Brazilians enjoyed Jamaica as their wedding destination. If you need more info speak to Tracy and Joe Matalon. Let's just say that they flew all the guests to Jamaica and housed them at Jamaica Inn. The wedding took place at Golden Eye (the bride and groom, stayed there too) and guests enjoyed a Jamaican concert at Firefly that featured Freddy McGregor, Marcia Griffiths and Brick and Lace. The name of the bride and groom Mr and Mrs Roger Wright.

Lara Lowe exchanged wedding vows with Justin Morin at hot spot Cary Island. They were referred to at the affair as Jamaica's answer to Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher (we'll leave you to do the maths). Our last word is that they are both beautiful people and we wish them all the best.

Sharon and Nick are getting married in May. It's the second for them both. The wedding will be in Florida.

And lest we forget... Rosa Vaswani is engaged to Mr Swiss.

A Bientot!

And now for the week's big one!

You are going to have to use your imagination with this one. Once upon a time there were two lovers who broke up. The break up was not at all amicable.

He's now dead. The spurned lover was going through some things the other day and found fifty-five nude photos (her lover was an amateur photographer). That was shock number #1. Shock #2 was the fact that the pictures were of her niece.

It might be back to the Privy Council for this one.

PPS There's movement back to the second city once again after that awful scare. This time it's even more discreet the noted plastic surgeon is in town and so are the jets. Botox lunch breaks will be the order of the day.

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