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Have you ever wondered why men stray and not only stray but go for women of a certain class or status? How many times have you heard women complaining that their husband is not only fooling around but fooling around with a woman from the lower class? A lot of us women are prejudiced - to the point that we feel that no other woman is good enough for our man and, certainly, not some woman from the inner city!

We hear about it every day, well-to-do, upper class men who "slum" and have affairs with women from the lower class - helpers, office clerks, you name it - women who can barely string together a grammatically correct sentence.

Let us think about it. Men always want what they can't have. Yes, they may have a wife who is accomplished, manicured and can entertain their business associates, but, believe it or not, they usually want more. Sure, we get enraged and annoyed when they slum it, but we should really stop and think about what our men really want.

We get married and settle into the routine of playing the lady of the house. We turn up our noses at keeping our men interested by refusing to make love, much less experiment. A lot of us stop doing the things we used to do while courting, the spontaneous things like making love on a deserted beach or in a friend's bathroom closet.

I have some friends who, for instance, view oral sex as being nasty. Why? Nice girls don't do that, they say. Plus, they do not know where his penis has been. It is called hang-ups, folks. We get caught up in moralistic and sometimes skewed norms.

The point is that men seem to go for it. They want variety. They get tired of the good old missionary. They need an elixir to keep them panting. Don't believe me? Why do you think our men get involved with barmaids or strippers? They love the bad girl image. They crave excitement. They want the girl who will freely strip down to her g-strings, massage their limp bodies, tantalise and revive them. They want to forget the drudgery of their life.

A lot of us call it the ghetto slam, giving the man what he can only get in the ghetto. Not so. The truth is that, if we women would learn a thing or two, we would be able to not only get our man's interest but keep it.

I have a male friend who told me that he just can't understand why women do not want to indulge their men's fantasies. Ladies, the men couldn't be more transparent. All you need to do is give the men what they want. It has already been proven that if you don't, someone else will.

And it is not as if you don't know it. You get too lazy and figure that you have the man and don't need to work to keep him. Have you ever heard the saying, familiarity breeds contempt? We treat our men with contempt. We feel that we have the man and he is ours and it is okay to go to bed and turn our backs and leave him high and dry.

And, when you think about it, you will realise that the ghetto slam is really our basest animal instincts being played out in the bedroom. If it is the slam he wants then accommodate him.

For the faint-hearted, if you don't know what to do, try watching the "x"-rated channel. You should get a lot of tips.

And don't worry about whether he will be shocked at the transformation. He won't have time to react if you meet him at the door in a skimpy, black negligee with no underwear or walk around totally nude. A man who is sexually satisfied won't feel the need to wander. If you can give what he wants, he will stay the course. The whole idea is to make him such a slave to your body that he wants no other mistress!

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