Mitsie's a grandmom; Beverly takes on autobiography

All Woman

Former first ladies Beverly Anderson-Manley and Mitsie Seaga will be busier than usual. The perfectly chic Mitsie Seaga can now add grandmother to her long list of achievements. Son Andrew and daughter-in-law Amanda delivered, on February 23 at 5:09 pm, Chloe, a five-pound bundle of joy with measurements of 173/4 inches.

Beverly Manley, buoyed perhaps by the recent visit of David and Natasha, is all set to leave The Breakfast Club to concentrate on the way overdue autobiography. One thing's for sure, the book will be hotter than Bill and Hillary's. The film now will be a guaranteed blockbuster. All Tatler asks is for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Gabrielle Union was once again on the soca train decked out 'Moulin Rouge' style.

March 13 is all set to become one of those memorable days in Jamaican history: Malatai, that preferred property, is where the Pisceans will throw the beach bash of all beach bashes. In keeping with the uber chic details of the perfect pied-a-terre, chef Mario Machado will provide the fare. Yes, that's right, he got the nod over Oscar chef Wolfgang Puck.

Ocho Rios will be rocking, but so too will Kingston up in Beverly Hills. Laurie Hussey turns 70 and the promise (if that's at all possible) is for yet another extraordinary affair.

What better location for a 50th birthday party than your beau's ultra chic Spring Farm cottage? Well, that's where Montego Bay's Judy Farmer ushered in her fabulous coming of age. Naturally, the second city is still abuzz over the party, and yes. that absolutely lovely pied-a-terre.

A bientot!

PS: Since our friends over in Portmore are getting hot and bothered over such a great-looking piece of road, can we leave them out and move quickly along? I mean really, now!

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