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A female condom with teeth

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Monday, August 09, 2010    

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FED up with seeing too many rape victims, a female doctor has invented a female condom with teeth called the rape axe.

The condom is inserted like a tampon.

When a man inserts his penis into the woman, hooks penetrate his penis.

The device is very painful and once it is on, the man cannot pee or walk, nor can he remove it.

The device has to be removed by a doctor.

This device is not available in Jamaica as yet, and I am hoping that some enterprising young woman will start to import this device shortly.

If you doubt its effectiveness, just ask any man who has had his penis caught in the zipper of his pants.

Dr Neil Persadsingh is a dermatologist. He is the author of Acne in Black Women and The Hair in Black Women. Please check his website for a free download of cosmetics and moisturisers for the acne patient.



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