Little people snapshots - December 17

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Happy Belated Birthday: Tyrique celebrated his birthday on November 8. Love from dad, mom, grandma Pansy and the rest of the family.

Take 5: Happy belated birthday DeAndre Benjamin takes five on his fifth birthday on November 28. Lots of love from mom Colleen, dad Andre, sister, brothers, grandma, and godfather.

Sweet Kaelyn: Kaelyn is four months old. She always has a bright and warm, smiling face. Once you meet her, you will undoubtedly fall in love. Love from a happy new mother Claudine Reid.

Happy belated birthday: Happy belated birthday wishes to Ashley Ava-Marie who celebrated her first birthday on December 12. Love from mom Sandra, dad Everton, grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousin Joseph.

Congrats!: Ashanere recently placed first in the National Baptist Basic School Spelling Competition. Congratulations!

Kayla-Marie turns 6: Happy belated birthday to Kayla-Marie Imani who celebrated her sixth birthday on December 4. Love from mom Debbie, dad,

uncle, and grandma Carmen.

Meet Tyreek: Happy belated birthday to Tyreek Tyrell who celebrated his fourth birthday on December 10. Love from mom Janet, dad Tyrell, sisters Nickie and Candy, and brothers Lando and Troy.

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