Little people snapshots - Feb 4

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Happy belated birthday - Andrew 'Bambino' Bennett

Happy belated birthday to an incredible, irreplaceable child, Andrew 'Bambino' Bennett, who celebrated his first birthday on January 27. Love from mom Antoinette, dad Kean, grandma, aunt Akilia, cousins and friends.

Happy belated birthday - Sahai Lewis-Mayne

Sahai Lewis-Mayne celebrated her sixth birthday on January 30. Happy belated birthday from parents Craig and Melissa.

One in a million - Deandre Nathaniel

Deandre Nathaniel White is 15 months old. He is one in a million, and daddy and mommy's little champ.

Brandon is 2

Brandon Reynolds turned two on January 21. He is the apple of our eyes, and is loved and cherished by mom Kristal, dad Steve, brother Roger, grandmas Doreen and Lyn, aunty Audrey and the rest of the family.

Lucky puppy

Here's Nathan and Naomi Campbell with their puppy Lucky M.

Little angel - Adaina Henry

Meet our little angel Adaina Henry, who is two. She is our inspiration, and she is fascinated with books. Love from mommy, aunty Jackie and the rest of the family.

Meet Emma


Emma Sawyers is one year and two months old. This picture is of her first time on a bicycle. Her feet can't touch the pedal just yet but that didn't stop her from taking this adorable picture.

Danek is 4

1, 2, 3 now 4!,

Happy belated birthday and I have to say,

I'm proud of you in so many ways...

Happy belated birthday (Jan 31) to my little man Danek Bennett. Lots of love from mom Keda.

Happy belated birthday- Xania

Xania celebrated her fifth birthday on January 20 with a fairy themed party. Love coming from mom Nordia and the entire family.

Happy birthday - Kerry-Kay

Kerry-Kay Riley is outspoken, smart and beautiful. God's richest blessing from your other mother Sannu, mommy, daddy and brother.

A-student - Krishdane Johnson

It sure feels good when the teachers say my little flame is the brightest in the class. On February 6 you celebrate your third birthday. Happy birthday Krishdane Johnson. Mommy loves you.

Happy belated birthday - T'Aeja Anson

Happy belated birthday to T'Aeja Anson who turned two on Feb 2. Your eyes sparkle and light up our lives. Your smile makes the gloomiest day bright. Love from mommy Shari, daddy, grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

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