Loving him… and his baby mothers

By Miss Kes

Friday, April 21, 2017

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A woman who truly loves her man will do almost anything for him. But imagine this scenario: If you found out your man got another woman pregnant, would you help pay his child support?

Hell no! I would be out of that relationship before you can count to ten. I would be stuck on point #1 – he cheated.

I am no fool but I am not in love at the moment so maybe it is easy to say. To be honest, I do understand that love can make you do things you would never dream of doing, but some women go past stupidity. If I am with a man and he cheats, he is out. So to assist him financially, that wouldn’t be on the table.

No, I wouldn’t. That is no man. A real man stays committed. It is so easy for a man to cheat, but to reach the point where he is asking his personal woman to pay child support? She should leave that “situationship” and stay as far as she can from it.

A lot of people would say no, but when you're in love, you would be singing a different song. Love makes you do things you never dream of, so never say never.




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