ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Paulwell has done a lot of good

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Dear Editor,

Paulwell has actually done a lot of good. 

This is the same man that removed the monopoly from Cable & Wireless making phones and the entire communication industry much cheaper; this is the same man that removed taxes from computers and has actually supplied many schools with free internet access and computers; this is the same man that has pushed for solar energy to be available to us much cheaper than it is, and has actually made other companies come into the market to supply energy to the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). 

We are so focused on negatives we have totally forgotten the positives. 

Tell me which minister has done more? And what wrong has he done here really? 

The man said in parliament that he accepted their bid because Energy World International (EWI) would actually bring cheaper energy and were the only one that actually had its own supply of natural gas. Cabinet accepted this. 

So now that the company has defaulted (no fault of Paulwell) he is being blamed for that. Nobody in Government is an angel or perfect for that matter, but I have actually seen and have benefits from policies implemented by Paulwell. 

Most of the comments I have heard are just political ones from people who I'm sure have never stopped to even check what is really going. 

Gary Rubbas Harris

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