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Remember... Lower your chance of having cervical cancer

Monday, January 28, 2013    

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Ladies, remember you boost your chances of cervical cancer if you:

* Start having sex before age 18.

* Have many sex partners.

* Have sex partners who have other sex partners.

* Had or have had a STI.

However, a pap smear can save your life as it can find the earliest signs of cervical cancer. Therefore, have your regular pap test done.

* Starting at age 21, have a pap test every two years.

* If you are 30 years and older and have had three normal pap tests three years in a row, talk to your doctor about spacing out pap tests to every three years.

* If you are over 65 years, ask your doctor if you can stop having pap tests.

* Women who have gone through menopause still need regular pap tests. Women ages 65 and older can talk to their doctors about stopping after at least three normal pap tests and no abnormal results in the last 10 years.



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