Should you judge your partner by his/her past?

By Miss Kes

Friday, March 17, 2017

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The past should be the past, and once you’ve moved on, good sense would dictate that what you did in the past shouldn’t matter. But for many people, when choosing a partner, a lot depends on how much of a past they had. Is it easy to overlook a past that is filled with infidelity, lies and deception?
I couldn’t be with a man who has 50 babymothers and not think twice. I would be a foolish not to judge him for that.

You have to judge when in a relationship because a leopard can’t change its spots. So if a guy I am dating tells me he has never been in a committed relationship, for example, that would be an immediate red flag for me.
My wife has a past and to be honest, I am not proud or happy about it. But I love her to death and I don’t use her past to judge her because I see that she has changed and that she is not her past. I know a lot of men could never overlook certain things but love will overlook the past.
I think it is really unfair for women to accept a man and his dirty past and if he hears that you had a past too, he scorns you. Women are human too so we make mistakes too.

Of course I’ll judge because I’m not ‘wifing’ up a woman with a past. Body count matters to a real man who knows that only impeccable women should be wives.




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