Signs your friends could be ruining your relationship

By Miss Kes

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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IT is always best to get a second opinion from friends, but it can also ruin your relationship if they are dictating your steps and moves. Here are some clear signs to watch out for that your friends might be ruining things.
1. Their opinions outweigh yours
If you find that whatever your friends tell you is given more weight than what you think, you have given them power over your mind and that is dangerous. If someone controls your mind, you have given them control over your life. Your friends can have opinions, but not the final word on decisions pertaining to your relationship.
2. If you do not take their advice, you are cut from their circle
You are better off without this person as they are not only deceitful, but manipulative. Be careful of such a friend. A friend doesn’t necessarily have to agree with your relationship choices or decisions, but they are supposed to be supportive.
3. It is clear they hate your partner
If your friend gets around your man and it is evident in mannerisms that they are resentful of your partner, you are setting your relationship up for disaster. Why would you bring a friend around your partner who clearly hates him? If you find yourself in such a position, it is best to keep the two parties apart.

Your friend is supposed to be supportive. They have no right to sit in the seat of decision where your relationship and ultimately life is concerned.




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