Signs your partner is unhappy with you

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MANY persons are unhappy in their relationships, yet they stay together for various reasons.

Unhappiness could be a result of abuse -- physical, psychological or emotional; it could be that one party has outgrown the relationship but feels a sense of obligation to stay; or it could be that one partner is making demands that the other may not be able to fulfil.

According to counselling psychologist Jacqueline Champier, relationships do not just go sour overnight. There are normally tell-tale signs indicating that something is wrong.

"Some people ignore these signs, hoping they will just go away, while others are too busy to even notice them," Champier said.

Here are some signs your partner is secretly unhappy:

1. You sleep head and tail without having a fight. Your partner is now very comfortable sleeping head and tail or back to back while ensuring that there is enough space between you to accommodate a third party. Happy people like the comfort and relaxation of cuddling or being in each other's arms.

2. No desire for sex. If your partner has lost interest in you sexually, it may mean they are either bogged down with worries or are attracted to someone else.

3. No communication. If you find that your partner talks less and less with you and more and more with others, then this could be a sign of unhappiness. In fact, if they have grown unusually quiet in general, then something is wrong.

4. Always finding fault. If your partner is constantly finding faults and finding things to argue about, then this is a sign he/she may no longer be happy with you.

5. Ignoring your needs. If your partner is ignoring your needs on a constant basis, and fulfilling them happens only after constant argument, then he/she sees it more as an obligation than a desire.

6. Future plans don't include you. If your partner is making plans that don't include you, not only is he/she unhappy, but they are subconsciously planning to leave the relationship.

7. Disrespectful. When one partner begins to disrespect the other it is a sign that something is missing, especially if there was great respect between the two before. Unhappiness often comes with a 'don't care' attitude and disrespect.

8. If your spouse is not your friend, then it's only a matter of time before your relationship ends.

9. He/she spends more time away. If your partner spends more time with friends than with you, or around the computer, or stays late at work every night, then he/she is unhappy with you. Persons who are happy with each other count the hours when they can be together.

10. Hates being touched. Touching shows affection. The simple gesture of holding hands while talking speaks to a level of comfort and happiness in a relationship. If this is missing and your very touch repels your partner, it means he/she is unhappy with you.

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