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WHILE the Bible has established that sex before and outside marriage is a sin, it would seem, from the views of women All Woman interviewed, that an even greater sin is a man over 35 who is still an unplucked flower. The revelation — whether the man is in church or not — is sure to raise a few eyebrows; and even concerns about what's wrong with the man.

We asked a few women, if he is over 30 and still a virgin, would you think you've hit the jackpot or that something is wrong with him?

Rachael T, 34:

If he's cute and has money I would feel like it's my blessing.

Dionne M, 40:

I would suspect him and run the other way!

Marion S, 43:

I would think he's gay and still trying to come to terms with his sexuality.

Barbara S, 37:

It all depends. Suppose he has been a dedicated Christian all his life and doesn't believe in sex before marriage? Then I would consider him to be a blessing! If on the other hand it's a man who doesn't really believe in God but he's still virgin and over 30, I would think something is wrong with him. Either he has a serious commitment problem or he has serious issues.

Julie-Ann G, 35:

Something's wrong! But if it's a devoted Christian/religious person then I would understand.

Kaydian H, 37:

If he grew up in church I might think I hit the jackpot. But a regular man over 30 being a virgin might be gay and is keeping it on the down low.

Shauna B, 25:

Hell no! I wouldn't want him. Something is wrong with him!

Alicia S, 37:

I wouldn't think something is wrong with him. I would wonder about him though, like why at that age he has never been with a woman. But I wouldn't take it to mean something is wrong per se. But it would be kind of strange.

Marlene T, 42:

It depends. If it is by choice I wouldn't think anything is wrong but if he hasn't had a chance to have sex at 30, then I would think something is wrong.

Julia S, 42:

As a Christian this is a hard thing to say, but I would think something is wrong.

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