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Arlene Martin for drennaLUNA is our designer in the spotlight this week as we continue to share the talents of our local designers.

Name: Natalie V H Halliburton

Occupation: Technical Support Officer

I'm wearing… the elephant dress. I wore it to the recent Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. My love affair with the brand started… recently. I was introduced to Arlene Martin, drennaLUNA via TVJ's Morning Time approximately two years ago. I checked her website http://drennaluna.com/  , contacted her and the rest, as they say, is history.

I support the brand because... generally, I love items of clothing that are unique in style, a bit out-of the-box, sexy and classy. Arlene's designs represent this fully. I enjoy wearing her line because of the fit and, more importantly, just how comfortable they make me feel.

I have… four pieces and increasing.

My favourite is... the elephant dress. It can be dressed up or down.

Name: Nicole Fennell

Occupation: Operations co-ordinator, IAM Jet Centre, Montego Bay.

I'm wearing... a jumpsuit from the recent collection, which I wore to the ATL World Party 2012.

My love affair with the brand started... in 2011.

I support the brand because… first and foremost, Arlene is from Montego Bay (smile), and is very detailed and innovative with her ideas. Her pieces are extremely comfortable and multifunctional.

I have ... several and adding.

My favourite is... I love them all. And I am anxious to show off my latest piece, which I acquired less than a week ago. Name: Deveta McLaren Occupation: Marketing Manager, Access Financial Services Ltd.

I am wearing… a blue, backless jumper which was designed to be worn to the recent Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

My love affair with the brand started… around two years ago when I saw someone at a function in an eye-popping, backless dress. I learnt that it was a drennaLUNA design and immediately got in touch with Arlene. The love affair continues...

I support the brand because... I love the sexy, yet classy look of the pieces. Arlene is very easy to work with, and she produces pieces that work well with my small frame. I am also very proud to be supporting a local brand and a local designer who is extremely talented.

I have… three pieces and this will increase shortly.

My favourite piece is… the cobalt blue jumpsuit that I am wearing. Name: Gillian Zacca Occupation: Owner, OMG! Boutique

I'm wearing… my latest purchase: A black and ivory knit jumpsuit.

The love affair started... when I wanted to purchase a locally designed piece for a formal function. I had seen a few of Arlene's silhouettes on other ladies and knew she would be the one to design something for me that I would love. Well, 12 pieces later, the love affair continues. I support the brand because ... it suits my lifestyle, and I love the styles.

I have… 12 pieces.

My favourite is… a backless, lace dress.

Name: Kaci Fennell

Occupation: Student, UWI

I’m wearing... a lap dress I ordered for a wedding I was invited to.

My love affair with the brand started... after my very first photoshoot for the label in mid-2012.

I support the brand because... I like the designer.

I have... this is my only purchase but I plan to purchase more.

Name: Nasma Mohammed-Chin

Occupation: Marketing Consultant, Distributor of Sacha Cosmetics-Jamaica

I'm wearing… a long, black dress, wrapped at the back, with an open back, accented with gold chain straps. I wore it to my friend's wedding, and trust me, it was a head-turner!

My love affair with the brand started… when I heard my very good friend, Arlene, had finally converted her passion into a business. I purchased my first piece at FNO 2011 when she showed some of her pieces at Bin 26.

I support the brand because… the pieces are my style and fit fabulously... and well, of course, because it's made in Jamaica.

I have... three pieces and counting.

My favourite is... a long, black jumper with a dangerously deep neckline. It was my New Year’s Eve outfit this year.

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