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Will detoxing help acne?

Monday, October 15, 2012    

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Dear Donovan,

I was wondering if doing a detox programme will cleanse the skin for persons suffering from acne. For example, can drinking cerassie tea clear up acne? If so, how many days would you advise one to consume this tea? If there's any other information that you could share regarding help with acne, please let me know.

— Stephanie

Good day Stephanie,

The skin is the largest excretory organ of the body. If the body is toxic (full of toxins), it will definitely be reflected in the skin. I have noticed that persons who eat healthy foods usually have a good skin tone.

There is definitely a relationship between nutrition and skin tone. Poor nutrition can be reflected in the skin in a number of ways, such as by having dry, scaly skin, blotchy skin, acne, dull skin and oily-looking skin.

Acne is a multifactoral disorder with each case being unique. However, I have found in my practice that the chances for getting clear skin can be greatly improved by proper nutrition, reducing or eliminating starch, sugars and days- old foods. Reducing stress can also help to reduce acne.

Acne forms when the pores of the skin become clogged, for example, this can be caused when the skin produces excessive serum (oil). The food we eat can help increase serum, for example, eating a lot of oily and greasy foods.

Excessive serum/oil can block pores by sticking together old skin cells. In addition, a diet rich in starchy foods can also trigger acne. Unlike sugar, starches are insoluble in water. If undigested starch gets into the pores of the skin and bacteria present on the skin's surface will break down the starch. This can lead to infection and inflammation which can lead to an acne outbreak.

For a person suffering from acne, the first thing I would recommend is a nine-night detox programme. Doing a detox programme will prevent or reduce the amount of toxic substances getting into the skin.

Cerassie has been used for a long time to purge the blood and clear up the skin tone and many Jamaicans swear by this. I have personally seen results, however, it is still uncertain whether cerassie tea affects the liver.

Other plants, for example aloe vera, can be used to purge the blood and clear up the skin. This can be done for nine nights initially.

It is very important after doing a detox programme to continue to keep the body clean. In many cases, a change of lifestyle/food habits is necessary. If not, the body will become toxic again.

Here are some suggestions to prevent/reduce acne:

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Reduce your intake of starchy carbohydrates and sugar.

3. Reduce/eliminate all greasy foods.

4. Eat proteins with vegetables and carbohydrates with vegetables.

5. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily (lime can be added).

6. Avoid foods which make you constipated.

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