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  • Bryan Cummings

    Cortia Bingham’s inspiration

    All Woman Features

    SHE struts proudly with blonde hair and a radiant yellow blouse, automatically commanding the attention of everyone in the room. Her megawatt smile will soften any heart, and her warm personality pulls you in. Meet Cortia Bingha ...

  • Juliet Richards (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

    Juliet Richards - A passion for service

    All Woman Features

    THE ‘hands of God’ is the term she uses to describe her selfless commitment to helping people, especially the elderly and those incapable of fending for themselves. Juliet Richards, 48, told All Woman that as a chil ...

  • Rachael before the big chop.

    How and why I shaved my head

    All Woman Features

    GROWING up, I can’t remember a time when I was particularly attached to my hair. It was long, thick, and there was a lot of it. Washing and combing it demanded lots of prayer and fasting — from me and my mother. Inst ...

  • Sisters Opal (left) and Allison Levy. (Karl McLarty)

    Sisters’ Ink making a mark

    All Woman Features

    ALTHOUGH it is common for sibling rivalry to exist between brothers and sisters who are close in age, that is not the case for Opal and Allison Levy. Instead of sparring, the sisters have maintained a bond, and together are usi ...

  • Her make-up: His business, or not?

    All Woman Features

    Tarrus Riley’s She’s Royal iconized the non-make-up wearing ‘cutie’ as the ideal, a song many Jamaican men have been singing for ages. Those in the natural-beauty movement have decried women’s use o ...

  • 5 powerful ways to say sorry

    All Woman Features

    It has often been said that the best way to apologise is to simply not repeat the action that caused a problem in the first place. However, as humans we tend to make some mistakes more than once and sometimes this can lead to th ...

  • The importance of loving yourself

    All Woman Features

    Many people make the mistake of thinking love is a feeling, but it is actually a choice. Falling in love is totally dependent on emotions, but love is something you wake up every day and decide to do because it is right. Self-l ...

  • Maxine Wilson (Photo: Alexandria Dixon)

    Maxine Wilson’s rags to riches story

    All Woman Features

    MAXINE Wilson lives by the daily mantra that if she can help somebody she passes along the way, then her living is not in vain. A devout Christian, Wilson, 54, who grew up in Waterhouse, St Andrew, told All Woman that the rea ...

  • Should a man discipline his step-children?

    All Woman Features

    With the rise in blended families, at some point the issue of discipline is going to come up. What obtains when a step-parent is in conflict with a step-child? Can they discipline that child, or should it only be the purview of ...

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