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  • Introducing solid foods

    All Woman Parenting

    WHETHER your baby is interested in the food that you are eating or he/she is no longer showing interest in breast milk and formula, sometimes you may decide to introduce solid foods much sooner than is recommended. One of the m ...

  • Preparing your home to welcome a new baby

    All Woman Parenting

    PREPARING your family and by extension your home for a baby can be quite exciting, but it always seems as if there are a million and one things to get through. And while this might be true, clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell ...

  • Your baby: Atopic dermatitis

    All Woman Parenting

    SKIN conditions in children are many, but the most common one to date is atopic dermatitis, a condition that Dr Anona Griffith, paediatrician at Gateway Plaza, Old Harbour, said is characterised by an itchy skin condition and ge ...

  • Parenthood linked to longer life

    All Woman Parenting

    PARENTS, take courage. If you survive the sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums and teenage angst, you may be rewarded with a longer life than your childless peers, researchers have said. Fathers gained more in life expectancy t ...

  • Children should wear proper headgear when engaging in certain physical activities.-

    Concussion concerns

    All Woman Parenting

    CHILDREN are generally very active, from involvement in various sporting activities to playground engagements. These activities put them at a greater risk of accidents resulting in several injuries. One of the most common is a c ...

  • Joshua, the scientist.-

    Career kids

    All Woman Parenting

    Cousins Genesis Whitely, three, Joshua, nine, and Jordon James, four, got all dressed up for career day at Headstart Prep in Portmore recently. Dr Whitely, scientist Joshua and officer Jordon are all ready for work.

  • Potty training: Girls vs Boys

    All Woman Parenting

    IT has been said that it’s much harder to potty train boys versus girls, but Dr Anona Griffith, paediatrician at Gateway Plaza, Old Harbour, said comparing toddlers during this process may be a little unfair to boys, espe ...

  • The subjects’s average blood pressure began at around 140/90 mmHg.

    Hypertension in children

    All Woman Parenting

    MORE and more children are being diagnosed with hypertension — something that has been linked to lifestyle choices. Dr Anona Griffith, paediatrician at Gateway Plaza, Old Harbour, said children are not immune to many of ...

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