All Woman Rights

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    Property matters

    All Woman Rights

    DEAR MRS MACAULAY, I am 25 years old. I have been in a relationship with my husband for the past four and half years, but we have only been married for five months. Before we met he was in a 13-year relationship with the mothe ...

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    Hubby used NHT money to buy property with mistress

    All Woman Rights

    DEAR MRS MACAULAY, My husband of over 20 years has taken on a mistress. I recently learned that he used his NHT benefits and bought property, and they are both joint tenants for the property. As the wife, do I have any claim ...

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    Children miserable in dad’s care after mom’s death

    All Woman Rights

    Dear Mrs Macaulay, My sister died leaving three children. Prior to her death and two years afterwards, the extended family (my parents, my sisters and I) developed a strong bond with the children. Since their birth, our home h ...

  • A child with two fathers

    All Woman Rights

    Dear Mrs Macaulay, I was with a young lady for four years but throughout the relationship there was another guy present who she said was a family friend. I later found out that she was actually in a relationship with him while ...

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