All Woman

If all your exes were gathered in one room, what would they say about you?

 IT's all water under the bridge now — you no longer fall asleep on tear-soaked pillows, drown yourself in comfort food or alcohol to suppress the pain, or consistently talk about the break-up with your ex to your mutual friends. In fact, you can... Read More

Foods for gastritis

Donovan Grant | Monday, May, 29 2017    

Dear Donovan,I have gastritis and sometimes I'm afraid to eat. What are some foods that wouldn't cause this condition to worsen?Gastritis is an inflammation or erosion of the lining of the stomach. It... Read More

One man's story of being emotionally abused

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, May, 29 2017    

 THE notion of men being abused has been scoffed at many times, dismissed by societies driven by views that men are the stronger sex and simply need to toughen up.But in the case of a popular businessman who requested... Read More

Another woman is making claims to ex-hubby's estate

Margarette Macaulay | Monday, May, 29 2017    

Dear Mrs Macaulay,My former husband is now deceased. He died in 2009 and his estate is now being settled. Can another woman claim to be his common-law spouse if they lived together for less than a year after we divorced? If she claimed... Read More

Signs your upset stomach isn't normal

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Monday, May, 29 2017    

 WE'VE all had our fair share of upset stomachs, and while a majority of these are linked to stress or something that was eaten, sometimes these abdominal pains can come out of nowhere causing you great pain and discomfort. Regardless of the source of... Read More

Have high blood sugar?

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Monday, May, 29 2017    

 HIGH blood sugar, or hyperglycaemia as it is medically termed, is a condition offset by the body's inability to maintain a normal blood glucose level. This is usually the result of one of two things — the pancreas not producing insulin or a... Read More

Rekindling intimacy in marriage

Monday, May, 29 2017    

THE Non Geographic Formations No. 2 Chaplaincy Service of the Jamaica Constabulary Force recently hosted a couples' retreat as part of their Stress Management In Law Enforcement programme that was created two years ago to help policemen and women who have been suffering from... Read More

I can't find a man

Wayne Powell | Monday, May, 29 2017    

I am a few weeks away from celebrating my 25th birthday and I've been single for the past four years. I am somewhat distraught as I think by age 25 I should have at least met someone and be aiming at settling down and looking to the future. I am actively involved in my church... Read More

If you were given the chance to change something about your past, what would you change?

BY FALON FOLKES | Monday, May, 29 2017    

 'IF only I could turn back the hands of time...' This is an impossible desire many people wish could come true when they reflect on the past. Sometimes people make mistakes that they can never recover from; for... Read More

Hooking up through friends

By Miss Kes | Friday, May, 26 2017    

  It is difficult to meet someone good these days, and so some people find that hooking up through friends works because it saves time. Would you hook up through a friend if you are single?ST: Read More

Waiting patiently for his divorce

By Miss Kes | Friday, May, 26 2017    

  It is a sad reality, but a lot of women have resorted to being 'side chicks' to married men who have promised to divorce their wives and eventually marry these women on the side. Many wait patiently for years and years,... Read More

How do you know you're making the right choice?

By Miss Kes | Friday, May, 26 2017    

 Relationships are terrifying enough without getting to a stage where you realize that the choice you've invested in is the wrong one. How do you know that Mr or Ms Right is actually the right one for you?Stephanie: Read More




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