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Is it love, or infatuation?
 Many times people confuse the notion of infatuation with love, and so when they “feel” a particular way about more than one person, they go crazy thinking they are in love with so and so. But it's important to know the distinction between love and infatuation.... Read More

How to make her fall in love with you again
 Women love to be in love and they love when their men make them feel loved. Saying “I love you” is not enough – it needs to be accompanied by actions that will leave no doubt in her mind about your true feelings.So:... Read More

How I found out he cheated
 It is a huge pill to swallow – your man with whom you are more than loyal is cheating. Most times it is downhill for women after facing such a reality, and below several ladies share their experiences.SC:... Read More

Good girls, bad guys

By Miss Kes | Thursday, September, 21 2017    

 It has been said that good girls are attracted to bad boys like magnet to steel. We put this theory to the test with a bunch of ladies, asking, “Is it really true that good women can spot a 'bad-for-you' type of guy and still go for it?”MT: Read More

When your child steals

BY PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

MOST parents want their children to be perfect little princes and princesses — well mannered, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and certainly having values and morals. Unfortunately, regardless of the principles that parents try to engender, sometimes children adapt less than... Read More

Slapped cheek syndrome

BY PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

SLAPPED cheek syndrome, also known as 'fifth disease' or erytherma infectiosum, is a viral infection caused by the Parvovirus B19 virus. Although it affects anyone at any age, it is more commonly seen in children and can have adverse effects on pregnant women and their foetuses. Read More

Photo: Happy birthday Iyanna

Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

Happy birthday to Queen Iyanna. It has been five years of fun and happiness. May God continue to guide and keep you beautiful. Love from mommy, aunts, uncles and cousins. Read More

Photo: Happy belated birthday

Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

Happy belated second birthday to Princess Jada-Kaye Brown. God's blessings always. Read More

Photo: 1 big boy!

Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

Model: Khaleel Read More

Prof Opal Palmer Adisa: Gender-conscious

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, September, 18 2017    

 PROFESSOR Opal Palmer Adisa grew up at Caymanas Estate in Jamaica in a very traditional home, but her adventurous nature made her go against the status quo — a trait which would later chart her course in life. Read More

Gentlemen, never say these things to a woman!

BY FALON FOLKES | Monday, September, 18 2017    

  Read More

How to know he's not ready for a relationship with you

Marie Berbick | Monday, September, 18 2017    

 IF you have been scratching your head trying to figure out why a man you care about keeps questioning why you have chosen him, pause for a moment and let's reason. Read More

Is my father's will valid?

Margarette Macaulay | Monday, September, 18 2017    

 Dear Mrs Macaulay, Read More




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