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Farming over medicine, actuarial science

Sunday, September, 22 2019    

A career in agriculture was the furthest thing from Matthew Jones' mind throughout high school and university. In fact, he wanted to become a medical doctor, and studied actuarial science. Read More

What's love got to do with it?

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, September, 22 2019    

F or the new generation of workers, company loyalty is often a fluid notion; a commodity to be traded to the highest bidder. Employers of choice must therefore be mindful of the cost and customer service implications of high attrition rates and try to... Read More

Seven essential words of FALL

Sunday, September, 22 2019    

deciduousA deciduous tree is one that sheds its leaves annually, distinct from an evergreen tree that keeps its foliage year round. But this autumnal adjective also has a much more poetic meaning of “not permanent” or “transitory”. Read More

Turning tragedy into success

Sunday, September, 22 2019    

The year 2016 was a defining one for Shamar Clarke. The 28-year-old met in a car accident and barely escaped with his life. Read More

Sheriffe's dream

Sunday, September, 15 2019    

HARRIAL Sheriffe developed a fascination for plant science while roaming the fields of his parents' farm as a young boy. He would walk to the farm, a mile from the family home in Carron Hall, St Mary, to assist with growing sweet pepper, cabbage, and lettuce. But while his parents focused on... Read More

Believe everything is possible, 'Sasco' tells kids

BY CHERIECE GOLDING Career & Education writer | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

BEFORE the successes he has been reaping as a recording artiste, “Agent Sasco” struggled with fear and self-doubt.“[When I was in primary school] I believed everything was possible, and so I used to dream a lot. But when I started high school I developed the wrong habits... Read More

Parents, show more appreciation, less criticism

Dr Karla Hylton | Sunday, September, 15 2019    

One of the most common problems I have found in families is that we tend to criticise others rather than show appreciation. Many parents are too critical of their children and this always does more harm than good. Read More

Rhodes Scholarships closing soon

Sunday, September, 15 2019    

Applications for the 2020 Rhodes Scholarships for Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean are closing in two weeks — on September 30.Details may be accessed online at Read More

Odelle Simon: Farming his way to success

Sunday, September, 8 2019    

Concerned about the high unemployment rate in his community, Odelle Simon decided to pursue a career in farming.At age 25 he has three farms and is in his second year at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) in Portland. Read More


Sunday, September, 8 2019    

Last week we highlighted some of our peers who excelled in the recent Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. This week, we celebrate a handful of those who shone in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). They are indeed worthy of recognition as, though... Read More

How does HR calculate my vacation leave?

Carolyn Marie Smith | Sunday, September, 8 2019    

Dear Career Advisor: Read More

Adapt or die...the Kodak lesson

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, September, 8 2019    

The laws of nature apply in the jungles of Africa as much as they do in the concrete jungle, aka the corporate workplace. Recent business history is littered with the obituaries of market-leading companies that snubbed or embraced new technologies and processes. Two companies come... Read More

Pre-University grads make mark

Sunday, September, 8 2019    

Perhaps the best test of an institution of learning is the quality of its graduates. Read More

PHOTO: Airborne!

Sunday, September, 8 2019    

Mariah Morgan (centre), a final-year economics and statistics major at The University of the West Indies, Mona, won AEROTEL's 40th anniversary essay competition and is presented here with her prize of two airline tickets by corporate communications manager of the Jamaica Civil Aviation... Read More

$600m in exam fees for PATH students

Sunday, September, 8 2019    

More than $600 million has been allocated by the Education, Youth and Information Ministry to pay examination fees for high school students who are on the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH), next year. Read More


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