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I was fired unfairly. What can I do?

Carolyn Marie Smith | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Dear Career Advisor:I have a situation I would like some advice on. I was hired on a year's contract by a local financial entity as a relief loans officer. The contract commenced on November 4, 2016 and was scheduled to end November 7, 2017. Read More

One in every four Jamaican employees disengaged — survey

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Following on its National Employee Engagement Report which found that only 41.5 per cent of Jamaican workers are actively engaged while on the job, the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) will be staging the inaugural Employee Engagement Conference with a view to increasing the... Read More

Wolmer's Boys' formalises mentorship programme

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Relating to other males without resorting to verbal or physical violence; treating others with respect; and withstanding great — even brutal — levels of peer pressure. These are the most urgent reasons today's teenaged boys are in need of strong, positive... Read More

Local refrigeration technicians gain international qualification

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

SIX employees of local firm Geddes Refrigeration Limited have been awarded the City and Guilds of London Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, following a three-month supervisory level course. Read More

When do I qualify for overtime pay?

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Dear Career Advisor,I have a question. What is the stipulated number of hours that an employer can legally require an employee to work before they are entitled to overtime?Kind regards,Sasha  Read More

Good time management important for academic success

Dr Karla Hylton | Sunday, September, 10 2017    

It has been my experience that students with days that are less full have better learning outcomes. They are also remarkably happier. Read More

Taking notes:

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Taking notes well helps us to be successful learners. But does it make a difference if we type those notes on a computer keyboard or write them out by hand?Both skills are important, according to Ester Cole, a child psychologist in Toronto, Canada. Read More

Customer service proposal wins JN Project NEXT

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

The 39 interns who completed an eight-week summer internship with The Jamaica National Group this summer have been recognised for what the bank describes as outstanding contribution during their participation in the JN Project NEXT Mentorship Programme. Read More

12-year-old US golfer fulfills promise, finances building of St Ann school

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

When the students of Chester Infant School in St Ann returned to begin the new school year last Monday, they found an entirely new school building. Read More

Deaf student, doctor headline Governor-General's IBI summer scholarship awards

Sunday, September, 10 2017    

A member of the deaf community and a medical doctor were the highlight of this year's Governor-General's I Believe Initiative (IBI) Summer of Service Awards presentation at King's House. Read More

56 students get scholarships

Monday, September, 4 2017    

A total of 56 students were last week presented with scholarships and bursaries valued at just over $1 million from St Andrew North Western Member of Parliament Derrick Smith's Constituency Development Fund. The students will use the funds to prepare them for the new school year. Here are photo... Read More

Teen aces CSEC and CAPE maths in same sitting

BY FALON FOLKES Career & Education writer | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

Mathematics is a nightmare for most students. Not 16-year-old Adjaynae Billings. Read More

How to succeed this new school year

Sunday, September, 3 2017    

The summer is over and school's back in session. That's a relief for many parents who were eager to get their kids out of the house. For the kids though, a new school year can be at once exciting and daunting. A new school, a different classroom, new teachers, new... Read More

FFP pays school fees for nearly 300

Sunday, September, 3 2017    

Nearly 300 students from basic to tertiary institutions across the island had their back-to-school expenses, such as textbooks and/or tuition fees, covered or paid in part this year thanks to charitable donations from Food for the Poor. Read More

Back-to-school vocabulary

Sunday, September, 3 2017    

You'll no doubt have new, or at least reconditioned, supplies this new school year — uniforms, shoes, socks, backpacks, stationery. Read More


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