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Careers in international fashion

The fashion industry is more diverse than the troupes of models and designers usually ascribe, and more profound than the glitz of the catwalk might suggest. Read More

Pension saving isn't only for 'old people'
Current data indicates that most Jamaicans who are currently employed may have no income but the meagre payments from the State-run National Insurance Scheme (NIS) when they retire.... Read More

Levaugn Gayle is champion speller 2018
The seven-letter word that evokes images of spewing lava currently threatening Hawaii was the one that brought Levaugn Gayle the win in Wednesday's Little Bee Competition.... Read More

7 fashion careers you should consider
If you are in the know about current fashion trends, have an eye for style or the drive and desire to turn your passion into a profitable and rewarding career, then perhaps a career in the fast-paced fashion industry is the right path for you.... Read More

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Sunday, June, 3 2018    

They may still just be going to preschool, but that was the question on the minds of the tots at Little Thinkers Daycare and Kindergarten on Friday when the institution, which operates one of its two locations at the Jamaica Observer, staged Career Day. Here are some of... Read More

Basic guidelines to polish your résumé

Sunday, June, 3 2018    

Dear Georgia R:As promised, we will provide you with some basic guidelines that will help you and other readers to polish your résumé. Read More

'A house without a library has no soul'

Sunday, June, 3 2018    

The Early Childhood Commission used the occasion of the basic school book donation ceremony in Kingston on Tuesday to remind parents to do all they can to sculpt their children's reading and writing proficiencies. Read More

Thank you, Junior Achievement!

Sunday, June, 3 2018    

Sineal Smith is a second-year student in the Faculty of Law at The University of the West Indies, Mona, and holds the position of general secretary of the Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students. She was previously treasurer of the National Secondary Students' Council and is a former head girl of St... Read More

An alabaster calling

Sunday, May, 27 2018    

When Egbert Hamilton stumbled upon the alabaster stone in the hills of Bull Bay, St Thomas, in 1969, it sparked a fire in the then 19-year-old. He felt compelled to find out what beautiful trinkets could be created from the smooth, fine-grained rock. Read More

Teachers learn how to draw

Sunday, May, 27 2018    

Thirteen art teachers from nine inner-city schools, most at the primary level, had the chance to go back to art school two Fridays ago when the MultiCare Youth Foundation (MYF) staged a hands-on drawing workshop at St Michael's Primary School on Tower Street, downtown Kingston. Read More

Debating said to help reduce violence

Sunday, May, 27 2018    

Debating , the formal style of discussing a topic used in legislative and academic settings,s is not just an excellent tool for developing oratorical and analytical skills. According to former debater-cum competition judge Andre Palmer, it can also be useful in reducing... Read More

St Hugh's, CASE win mural design competition

BY KIMONE THOMPSON Associate editor - Features | Sunday, May, 27 2018    

St Hugh's High School sixth-former Sabrina Johnson went to her 1:00 pm Information Technology exam on a high on Tuesday. Read More

UTech, Jamaica partners with Brock University

Sunday, May, 27 2018    

The University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica and Brock University, Canada have formalised their intention to collaborate for mutual benefit in advancing scholarship and research. Read More

Grade five students to sit mock exams in June

Sunday, May, 27 2018    

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will administer two sets of mock Performance Task tests to prepare students to transition from the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) to the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), beginning in 2019. Read More

Please help me with my résumé!

Carolyn Marie Smith | Sunday, May, 27 2018    

Dear Career Advisor:My name is Georgia. I have been trying to secure a new job but to no avail. Can you please take a look at my résumé and let me know what I am doing wrong?I have attached the résumé for your perusal.Thanks in advance. Read More


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