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Food Poisoning — Outbreak

Navenia Wellington | Thursday, September, 24 2020    

The importance of food safety cannot be overemphasised, especially in terms of food poisoning and any related outbreaks. When one person falls sick after consuming food, this is referred to as food poisoning; in instances where two or more persons have similar symptoms, this may be... Read More

Let's Talk Tequila

Thursday, September, 24 2020    

Tequila (pronounced teh-KEE-lah) is a distinctively flavoured spirit from the Tequila district of Mexico, which is located about 65km northwest of Guadalajara. The spirit is distilled at low proof from the fermented juices of the blue agave plant. The Tequila region is made up of red... Read More

New Rules for School

Thursday, September, 17 2020    

In March when the novel coronavirus disrupted schools, families were optimistic that all would be back to normal by September. We know now that “normal” is relative. From preschool to college, students at every age now face hybrid learning, with both online and in-person instruction. Read More

Grace Kitchens Serves Up Flavour & Fun With New Online Cooking Series

Thursday, September, 17 2020    

In the coming weeks, the mouth-watering Jamaican flavours that we all know and love from Grace Kitchens will find a new way into the homes of foodies across the world, through their new online cooking series! Poised to be the newest online hub for all things food, fun, and flavour, the... Read More

WHAT'S NEW? Pastahouseja Range Of SOMM Jamaican Pasta Sauces

Thursday, September, 17 2020    

Pastahouseja started with pasta lunch orders. The sauce was such a hit that patrons went in search of it at supermarkets. Read More

Germany's Gewürztraminer

with Dr Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, September, 17 2020    

You might have read halfway through the headline and stopped mid-sentence, or you might have just paused at Germany. This month's celebrated grape varietal is certainly a mouthful but unlike its very complex pronunciation, the taste of this grape is divine! For all my wine newbies who... Read More

Food Poisoning Alert!

NAVENIA WELLINGTON Food Safety and Management System Practitioner | Thursday, September, 17 2020    

The lunch menu boasted scrumptious dishes which included a variety of chicken, pork, fish and vegetables, among others. One of the delectable chicken meals was purchased and consumed in all its deliciousness. It was extremely tasty the first time around but not so much after four hours... Read More

JuicyChef Presents NYAM & TROD

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Nyam & Trod is a Caribbean flexitarian lifestyle brand conceptualised by the JuicyChef Jacqui Sinclair to promote the intersectionality between global food culture and the freedom and connectiveness of travel through a Caribbean lens. Read More

On the Menu @ Butcher Block

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Thursday Food shares recipes from Master Meat Crafter Gregory Burrowes: Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce, Shrimp Scampi, Pork and Pok Choy Stir-Fry and Crispy Pork Belly.Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce Read More

Second place for chef Andre Fowles on Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Jamaican chef Andre Fowles made it to the finale of Food Network's Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay show, but did not win the competition. Fowles was among the best of the best who had returned to the Chopped kitchen for a... Read More

Creation Foods Limited Sweet Potato Pancake & Waffle Mix

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Principals: Neville and Naomi MorrisE-mail: Naomi@creationfoods.net/info@creationfoods.netTelephone (s) #: 876-319-2655/876 633-6715 Read More

Stush Buys

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Favourite staples like Blow Fyah and seasonal and new products like coconut yoghurt are available both online and in some specialty stores like The Life Store and The Commissary. Plus, Uncorked and CPJ Market soon. Coconut Yoghurt Read More

Being Inspection-Ready

NAVENIA WELLINGTON | Thursday, September, 10 2020    

It is often said that adversity breeds innovation or creativity, and indeed that has happened in the food industry, particularly the fast food sector, as we traverse the novel coronavirus landscape. These business operators had to use an agile business strategy to try to mitigate the... Read More

Whisky or Whiskey?

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, September, 10 2020    

Now that the election dust has settled, we will either raise a toast or take a drink for consolation. Either way, whisky or whiskey could be a good option! This week, we expand the conversation surrounding this ubiquitous terminology. Does the spelling really matter? The resounding... Read More

Thursday Food spotlights: Sally's Delight Cassava Grits Porridge Mix & Waterfall Gold Honey

Thursday, September, 10 2020    

The company was started in 2017 by two friends, both engineers who saw a need to use authentic Jamaican products and promote Brand Jamaica. Kfoss Manufacturing is an agribusiness that works with Jamaican farmers to cultivate cassava and other cash... Read More


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