Creative Asian Fare at Chopstix

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

There's something that food writers often develop called sensory enervation aka palate fatigue. This happens when a person tastes a multitude of comparable products consecutively and gets to the point of being, as the kids say, “over it”. This can happen at coffee cuppings,... Read More


Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Five-hundred patrons travelled downtown to the Urban Development Corporation's Festival Marketplace on Wednesday, October 25, to eat crisp fare and drink a lot of beer. Crisp, the 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival's fourth-night event, saw eight chefs and caterers keeping a crowd of... Read More

Exploring the Icons and Outer Limits with Montes

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Encouraging wine enthusiasts to expand their wine choices is a hobby of mine. Many new wine drinkers understandably prefer sweeter, more fruit-forward wines. However, after they “graduate” in a couple of years I do my best to introduce them to the vast world of choices from... Read More

Walkerswood Appoints Jamaican-Born Food Network Star as Brand's Culinary Ambassador

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Walkerswood, Jamaica's flavour empire for over 30 years, signalled its commitment to boosting gastronomic tourism opportunities in Jamaica with the appointment of world-renowned chef Wenford Patrick Simpson as the brand's official culinary ambassador at a ceremony at the Walkerswood... Read More

Meet & Drink at JFDF 2018 Meet Street & The Market

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

“Dem sell out! Don't come,” boomed a voice into a mobile phone. “But me a carry pork fi you”, the voice went on to console. Such was the scene at the 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival (JFDF) Meet Street & The Market event. Four thousand people flocked to... Read More

Food safety at home

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, November, 1 2018    

In an effort to promote food safety at critical points along the production and supply chain, we have been exploring preventative measures used to avoid contamination of our food. It is important to note that regardless of the amount of precaution you take when selecting your supplier of... Read More

Piggin' Out @ Pork Palooza (Part 2)

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

(Photos: Michael Gordon) Read More

Piggin' Out @ Pork Palooza (Part 1)

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

Disclaimer: You must be a “porkie” to approve this message: Pork is the new chicken! Read More

The Other Cab — Cabernet Franc

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, October, 25 2018    

At a recent industry tasting I was reminded of the other “cab” that produces very delicious wines — Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc is a French black grape variety, the sixth most planted black grape in France and one of the 20th most planted in the world, and is most... Read More

Food safety at your favourite restaurant

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

Whether you have a busy schedule that prevents you from preparing a home-cooked meal or you're planning a night out with friends and family, dining out always offers that convenience with a myriad of cuisine options to choose from. One of the main issues with dining out, however, is the... Read More

The past made perfect

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

Provisions: The Roots of Caribbean Cooking- 150 Vegetarian Recipes by Michelle Rousseau and Suzanne Rousseau.   Read More

A D'vine Dégustation

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

The 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival's D'vine event lived up to the name (and hype). Chefs Colin Hylton and Christina Simonitsch created an eight-course menu that at some points made guests giddy with delight. Select Brands carefully chose four wines to accompany Hylton and... Read More

Let's hear it for our Girlz and those who dared to believe

BY SEAN A WILLIAMS Deputy Sport Editor | Sunday, October, 21 2018    

By any stretch of the imagination, something remarkable happened on Wednesday afternoon in the USA. Read More

Usain Bolt Tracks & Records UK open for business

Thursday, October, 18 2018    

It's official! Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records (UBT&R) London is now open for business in the UK. The fourth restaurant under the Tracks & Records chain, and the first on international soil, hosted a series of soft-opening activities the week of October 8 that will continue... Read More

Food Safety at Your Supermarket

Marshalee VALENTINE | Thursday, October, 18 2018    

Besides trying to tick off all the items on that never-ending grocery list, we need to ensure that those items are in fact safe for consumption. While we all expect the food we purchase to be safe, this isn't always the case. Unintended contamination of raw and processed goods sold in... Read More




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