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Food Packaging: Where Style & Versatility Meet Practicality

NAVENIA WELLINGTON | Thursday, December, 17 2020    

In the era of style, versatility and innovation, food packaging is more than meets the eye; it combines all of this with science to present a total package that is used to transport and sell food. In the book HACCP: Essential Tool for Food Safety , it... Read More

Wines & Spirits On The Go

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, December, 17 2020    

We are officially a week away from Christmas and the excitement is palpable across the bar and beverage channels. For the alcohol beverage sector, this time of year happens to be the busiest season — bar none! A visit to any of your regular retail spaces will confirm this. There... Read More

Christmas Countdown - Let The Baking Begin...

Thursday, December, 17 2020    

Professional baker Joelle James describes herself as something of a perfectionist. Little surprise, really, considering her major project whilst at school was the execution of a traditional wedding cake! Her biggest challenge, she tells Thursday Food, is getting that perfect end product. Read More

VIDEO: Christmas Hampers From Fromage Brasserie

Thursday, December, 10 2020    

“It's all about family and celebrating together this year in your own festive bubble,” shares Fromage Brasserie co-principal Lisa Gaye Chin as she puts the finishing touches to her opulent Christmas hamper. “We figured that Thursday Food... Read More

On The Menu: New Christmas Centrepieces

Thursday, December, 10 2020    

Add a new star not just to your Christmas tree but to your festive table! Here are a few suggestions for Christmas dinner centrepieces that will have your family clamouring for seconds.Roast Lamb Read More

Festive Feasts with Hamilton's Smokehouse Ham

Thursday, December, 10 2020    

Expertly done, a holiday ham can be a gift that keeps on giving, serving as the canvas on which you can create several meals. “I think the Christmas ham represents all we love about the holidays,” says Lackesha Pitter, brand manager, Hamilton's Smokehouse. “Our premium hams are... Read More

Food Wasted, People Hungry, Environment Impacted

NAVENIA WELLINGTON | Thursday, December, 10 2020    

Globally, one of the strategies employed for a better, more sustainable future for all is the promotion of six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is similar to Jamaica's Vision 2030 but on a global level. According to the United Nations, SDGs “address the global challenges we... Read More

Sirop in Fusions

Thursday, December, 10 2020    

Nina Johnson let slip the word lavender and immediately got the attention of Thursday Food , whose own obsession stems from once living in Grasse, France, whilst hers began during her student years at the Henley Business School in England. “It was... Read More

The Holiday Wine List: Around the Wine World in 12 Bottles

Thursday, December, 10 2020    

What a year this has been! It's December 2020; January feels like 24 months ago. Who would've thought that a microscopic enemy would bring the entire planet to its knees? I am happy that business travel in January took me to Santa Barbara wine country in California where I discovered and... Read More

Scoops of Shibumi JAMAICA

Thursday, December, 3 2020    

It's not every day that Thursday Food is left with mouth agape. Khalia Hall, principal of Shibumi Jamaica, is not only one to watch on the culinary radar, but her honest-to-goodness, down-to-earth approach to food is what, we reckon, will ensure... Read More

Counting Down To Christmas With... The Best Dressed Chicken, Hamilton's Smokehouse and Top Chefs

Thursday, December, 3 2020    

This Christmas doesn't have to be any less special as families explore new ways to be together. Chefs Jacqui Tyson, Theo Smith of Great House Caterers, Alex D-Great and Dave Paul have curated exceptional catering menus that fully answer the perennial question: “What will I serve... Read More

On the Menu: Cooking with Stonewall Kitchen

Thursday, December, 3 2020    

Since 1991, Stonewall Kitchen has been a purveyor of fine sauces, condiments, mustards, jams and jellies. The brand's product lines utilise innovative recipes and flavour combinations that have made them highly sought-after. Butcher Block is the exclusive distributor of Stonewall Kitchen... Read More

It's a First: Sweet Potato Pasta Hits The Market!

Thursday, December, 3 2020    

Onel Williams is a food innovator, entrepreneur and marketer who grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and owns and operates Kingston-based food services company Essential Goods and Services Trading Limited. What Thursday Food is delighted to share, however, is... Read More

'Yaad' Style Thanksgiving dinner curated by Chef Alex D'Great and Anushca-Mai Bunting

Thursday, December, 3 2020    

MenuRosemary Scotch Bonnet Deep Fried Turkey with Citrus Rosemary SauceApple Pecan Stuffing___________Twice-Pressed Potatoes with Cranberry and Chive Cream CheeseHoney Garlic Carmelised CarrotsYard-Style Cornbread Casserole___________El... Read More

Food Waste, People Hungry

NAVENIA WELLINGTON Food Safety and Management System Practitioner | Thursday, December, 3 2020    

Do you eat “ugly” foods or do they have to be aesthetically pleasing? What about bruised fruits and vegetables? What do you do with your leftovers? Your answers to these questions set the stage for a discussion on food waste. Look around your home; in a given day or week how... Read More


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