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On The Front Line...Kent and Melanie Levy

Thursday, April, 30 2020    

As a retail location and one that relies heavily on foot traffic COVID-19 has had devastating effects on our bottom line, it has caused us to reduce staffing hours and implement pay cuts. Many of our team members live in fear of the unknown and worry about the future. As entrepreneurs... Read More

1, 2, or 3 Quarantinis…Am I Drinking Too Much?

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 30 2020    

During this time of uncertainty, increases in positive COVID-19 cases, and 12- or 24-hours lockdowns, you may find yourself drinking more often than usual. It has been proven that during and post times of catastrophe, there is a tendency to drink more alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol... Read More

Grace Yaad Style Cooking With Qraig From Voicemail

Thursday, April, 30 2020    

This week Grace Kitchens is in the kitchen with an unlikely character, who is popularly known for his musical prowess, but his skills in the kitchen are not to be overlooked! Qraig Jackson of Voicemail. Read More

On The Front Line... Kirk and Lisa Chin

Thursday, April, 23 2020    

Hospitality Has Been Cancelled Read More

Keeping Farm Produce Safe

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 23 2020    

The implemented COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in the closure of hotels and restaurants, forcing farmers to find alternative markets for produce. With more of this produce going directly from farm to home, it is important that growers maintain good sanitation and personal hygiene... Read More

Plague Waters – Mythology?

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 23 2020    

I know you read this week's headline and did a double take. If your reaction was true to form, then I am happy your interest has been piqued. You see, Bar None readers, the concept of plague waters is not novel, originating in the mid-17th century; the term's earliest use was found in... Read More

Ding Dong Run-A-Boat

Thursday, April, 23 2020    

Grace Kitchens is back to share some signature recipes: this time it's the Run-A-Boat Inside edition. At the range, adding flair to your quarantine meals is none other than the international entertainment sensation and Grace Foods Ambassador Ding Dong! Read More

On the front line at John R Wong

Thursday, April, 16 2020    

As the Internet rightfully lauds doctors, nurses and other medical personnel as heroes grocery workers have also found themselves on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as they maintain the public's access to food and household supplies during this crucial... Read More

Clean and Sanitise with Care: Selecting the right products

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 16 2020    

Cleaning and sanitation have always been critical aspects of food safety, as both help to prevent cross-contamination and ensure food is safe. Now more than ever we need to ensure that we create more robust cleaning programmes to prevent the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 in... Read More

Easter Bun: A National Obsession!

Thursday, April, 9 2020    

There's no disputing this in Jamaica where bun will, from today until Monday — perhaps even longer — take centre stage. Along with our preferred cheese, slice upon slice will be enjoyed. Regrets there will be, but only after the very last crumb has been... Read More

Good Friday Salmon Recipes

Thursday, April, 9 2020    

With everything going on the last thing you need to obsess about is what to serve tomorrow, Good Friday. We've rounded up five amazing salmon recipes so not only can you try something new and your Omega-3s but also still observe the ending of the Lenten season, with flavour. Don't forget... Read More

Thursday Food plates slices of nostalgia...Two Sisters & Bun

Thursday, April, 9 2020    

It's that time of year again — Easter is upon us! With schools closed, all three generations of the Rousseau clan usually pack up and head to the coast for the week. And what a glorious week it usually is! It's all family, friends, and “food for days”, as they would say... Read More

Wash those hands!

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 9 2020    

With Jamaica's COVID-19 cases now in excess of 60, keeping our hands clean is one of the most important things we can do to avoid getting sick and spreading the virus to others. As you have seen recently, one of the main causes for the spread of germs can be related to lack of... Read More

Do It Yourself (DIY) Cocktails: Quarantine & Chill!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 9 2020    

The mandate to 'quarantine and chill' is still in effect and now, coupled with a periodic curfew, simply means we are definitely home for longer hours. For many people, staying at home for these extended periods might feel rather strange as they are used to getting dressed up,... Read More

Love Mi Grace Browning Easter Bun with Tastee Cheese

Thursday, April, 9 2020    

It's Easter time! People around the world look forward to this season each year as it brings cheer and joyous celebration. While we treasure our families, make sacrifices for Lent and under normal circumstances visit church, one thing Jamaicans can't give up is Easter bun &... Read More


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