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We Are Rum Country. We Are Rum People!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 30 2020    

As we get ready to celebrate the Emancipendence holidays, undoubtedly Jamaicans both at home and across the diaspora will be celebrating with our own spirit — the Jamaican spirit known as rum. Rum has such a rich heritage and as Jamaicans we take pride in this aspect of our... Read More

Wall Street Journal BBQ A - Z

Thursday, July, 30 2020    

The Wall Street Journal Off Duty Daily — a guide to the best things in life — has listed pimentowood.com's Lil Jerk Kit as essential to Jamaican cuisine! Read More

MegaMart Ups The Shopping Ante

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

Supermarkets have always played an essential role in our lives in good times and bad. Cue: White overproof rum, Red Label wine, raisin and currants, Easter bun and cheese, and now, as a result of COVID-19, Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Disinfecting Wipes and antibacterial handwash, our... Read More

Cooking Beef Tenderloin to Perfection

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

Beef Tenderloin is the perfect cut for any celebration and is one of the tenderest, richest cuts of beef. It doesn't require much in the way of spicing or sauces because the meat shines on its own. Read More

Island Grill's New Niceaah Sauces & Nuggets

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

COVID-19 can't keep Island Grill downIsland Grill still innovating… this time with Niceaah Sauces & Nuggets.  Read More

Creating Your Wedding Beverage Menu

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 23 2020    

There's a saying that goes, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. Well, despite the trials and tribulations of the global pandemic that have loomed large in our lives, love conquers all and weddings, which had been placed on pause, have returned and indeed are returning in... Read More

Hot Dog Day with Grace Frankfurters

Thursday, July, 23 2020    

Every year on July 22, the world celebrates one of the most delicious and loved street food treats that exist: The beloved hot dog! Yesterday's celebration right here in Jamaica saw hot dog lovers from all over converging at Hot Dog King carts across Kingston to share in the fun and... Read More

Knowing Your Pork Cuts

Thursday, July, 16 2020    

Pork is a very popular meat; it's easy to cook, adaptable to just about any recipe, and very tender and juicy. Thursday Food , with the help of Butcher Block Master Meat Crafter Gregory Burrowes, highlights the different pork cuts and two pork chops... Read More

Jessica In The Kitchen— July 16, 2020

Thursday, July, 16 2020    

These recipes are perfect for sizzling summer days.Enjoy! Strawberry Banana SmoothieServing: 1 Read More

Provence's Pastel Pinks

Thursday, July, 16 2020    

Wine lovers, you are in for a treat this week because, instead of focusing on one varietal, we switched up our game to discuss a region. But not any old region: The ever-so-fab wine region of Provence. After all, we are still celebrating summer and what better wines to complement the... Read More

Indulge with Sangster's

Thursday, July, 16 2020    

Some years ago, I attended an event for the Sangster's Jamaica Rum Cream brand; it was branded “What Flavour Mom Are You?” I sampled all six rum cream flavours and recall each being distinct in their individual flavour profiles; each spoke to my palate in a different way,... Read More

Alexa Von Strolley Presents Keto

Thursday, July, 9 2020    

Award-winning private chef and caterer Alexa von Strolley continues to pivot. What's new on her menu offerings? Keto! Why Keto? Thursday Food asked. Here's her response. Read More

Can't I Just Cut It Off?

Navenia Wellington | Thursday, July, 9 2020    

Food will mean different things to different people; from comfort to survival and everything else in between. However, at any time, discarding food makes us hesitant; even more so when we are going through tough financial times. In these times, we may make a judgement call to eat or not... Read More

S.E.A.R274's Takeout

Thursday, July, 9 2020    

Small catered dinners are now extremely popular. People are still wary of dining out and the growing number of COVID-19 cases, social distancing restrictions and mandatory mask-wearing really doesn't make it any more inviting to eat out. So people are adjusting to the new normal and... Read More

Remixing Your Summer 2020 Vibes

Thursday, July, 9 2020    

The 2020 Jamaican summer has made a complete 360, and understandably so due to the ongoing global pandemic. A year ago, the millennials (in age and in mindset) were getting ready to enjoy the party season, and all participating brands that supported these events aligned their marketing... Read More


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