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Lucca Italian Will Make You Shout Molto Bene!

Thursday, April, 2 2020    

It was over a meal of homemade pizza that Simon Lara and Paula Fernandez hatched plans to open a casual-dining Italian restaurant in Montego Bay. Lara and Fernandez both hail from Spain and have been in the hospitality industry for over a decade. According to Fernandez, when she served... Read More

'Meat'-ing your needs

Thursday, April, 2 2020    

Let's face it when it comes to stocking up, freezing food is the best way to guarantee long-standing freshness. Steaks, chops, fillets, ground meat and seafood are popular with consumers. But the burning question many have is: “How long can you freeze meat before it goes... Read More

Getting Groceries Safely During COVID-19

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 2 2020    

Supermarkets are some of the only businesses that remain open during this COVID-19 pandemic, and while it is important that we ensure we have an adequate supply of food, we need to be mindful of the risk attached to being out in crowded public spaces. While it was recently published that... Read More

Cocktails, Creativity & COVID-19

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 2 2020    

Globally, a restriction on the opening of bars has been implemented, and Jamaica is no exception. Bars across Jamaica that were once the centre of entertainment activities are now ghost towns but hopefully not for long. With no bars open it means that bartenders across the island have... Read More

Go Gourmet With Grace

Thursday, April, 2 2020    

After a long day of working from home, homeschooling the kids or doing those oh so necessary house chores, nothing says unwind like a hearty home-cooked meal. With so many of us not being able to eat out or passing up on takeout meals, Grace Foods is back with Executive Chef Shea Stewart... Read More

Kid-Friendly Recipes from Grace Kitchens

Thursday, March, 26 2020    

Staying home or working remotely allows some of us a little extra time on our hands. But with the kids home that may not be the case. So, whether you're using that extra time to prepare a quick meal for the family or to quarantine and chill, Grace Foods, in partnership with Chef Shea... Read More

Make Cooking at Home a Breeze

Thursday, March, 26 2020    

Being cooped up is no fun, but we are all in this together as we endure this current global crisis. The upside is family time and the opportunity for quality home cooking every day. But, with having to cook up to three meals a day, there's no way you'll want to spend all day in the... Read More

Dine-in, Uncork and Chill!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, March, 26 2020    

And just like that, life as we knew it changed! The worldwide movement of social distancing has given rise to the number one entertainment hot spot called home. Home entertainment is the new thing. This week, I saw a number of Whatsapp and IG parties (online party sessions amongst our... Read More

Take Out or Dine Out?

Thursday, March, 26 2020    

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, offices, bars, churches; anywhere there is a mass gathering. However, food service establishments will have to remain open, because, well, we need to eat! The good news is researchers have indicated that there is no evidence... Read More

Boost Your Immune System

Thursday, March, 26 2020    

Kerry Coote, principal of Living Food & Juices, certified raw dessert chef, raw chocolatier, plant-based chef and certified plant-based teacher, is eager to share with Thursday Food readers suggestions for a healthy immune system. Her timing, in the... Read More

Jacana's Farm to Table

Thursday, March, 19 2020    

Jacana, a pioneering global medical cannabis company that harnesses the power of nature to transform lives, hosted an exclusive Farm-to-Table Experience last week Thursday, at Mount Plenty Organic Farm, St Ann. Those in attendance enjoyed a tour of the property and were given an... Read More

Salt Fish Gets A Make-Over

Thursday, March, 19 2020    

Using salt to preserve meat and fish can be traced back to early nomadic tribes. Whether it's called salt fish, morue (France), saltfiskur (Iceland), bacalhau (Portugal), or baccala (Italy), salt cod is enjoyed by the people of nearly every country that comes into contact with the... Read More

Providing and Supplying Safe Food Through The COVID-19 Epidemic

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, March, 19 2020    

It is understood that food establishments — whether restaurant, supermarkets, processing facilities — will need to remain open during this outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Read More

Riesling Reasonings

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, March, 19 2020    

H ello, my dear Bar None readers, I hope you are all doing well and are safe. Read More

Eating In With Grace

Thursday, March, 19 2020    

No school in session? Working remotely? No worries! Over the next few weeks Grace Kitchens in partnership with their Executive Chef Shea Stewart, will be sharing some fun, easy and, of course, nutritional recipes using some of your classic Grace favourites in a new, exciting way. With little... Read More


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