Ackee Season: 10 Chefs, 20 Dishes, One Fantastic Night

Thursday, July, 18 2019    

The Rock is in no short supply of culinary events. During the summer months, it would seem that there's a different must-attend foodie event being hosted somewhere that encourages your diet to remain on sabbatical until September. Not all these events are successful or deserve to be... Read More

Olympe Rosť — Champagne & Rhythms

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 18 2019    

The summer continues to sizzle with the introduction of the GH Mumm and Usain Bolt's Olympe Rosť to the Jamaican market. On Thursday, July 4, this new Rosť Champagne entrant was unveiled at the Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records. It was not only the Champagne that was unveiled, but Bolt's... Read More

The 411 on Rubs, Marinades and Brines

Thursday, July, 18 2019    

When grilling sometimes we want something extra to make our dishes sing. Brines, marinades, and rubs are great ways of imparting flavour to grilled foods with each adding its unique touch. Here is the 4-1-1 about the benefits of each... Read More

ATL launches Web Cooking Series with Donna Gowe

Thursday, July, 18 2019    

Food and social media are one of those made-in-heaven combinations, and, thanks to the power of popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram , cooks are no longer hiding away in the kitchen. Read More

The Art Of Pizza-Making

Thursday, July, 18 2019    

Pizza has its origins in Naples, Italy, as typical street food made of flatbread with olive oil and tomatoes. Three varieties of pizza have led the charge in capturing the imagination and taste buds of the world: marinara, Margherita and alla Napoletana. Read More

Preventing Food Poisoning At Catered Events

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, July, 18 2019    

Do you plan on having an outdoor wedding, birthday party or an all-inclusive event this summer? Will you be preparing food on site or will you be using catered food transported from another location? Many of us use external caterers as an affordable option to offer guests meals for our... Read More

Regency Pairings: A Five-Course Wine & Food Dining Experience

Thursday, July, 11 2019    

The award-winning Regency Restaurant, in association with Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) Limited and Trapiche Winery of Argentina, hosted Regency Pairings, a five-course wine and food pairing as celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel... Read More

Between Heat and the Meat

Thursday, July, 11 2019    

With the right tools, you can transform your grill into a limitless outdoor cooking appliance, eliminate the need of having to prepare some items on a stovetop and others on the grill. Make the grill the sole cooking appliance needed to prepare a delicious buffet at your next backyard... Read More

Fresh off the Grill — 7 Tips to ensure you grill safely this summer

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, July, 11 2019    

According to the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, food poisoning usually peaks in summer months when warmer temperatures cause food-borne pathogens to proliferate. In my previous article, we looked at some very useful tips to ensure that you take care... Read More

10 Great Bottles of Liquid Sunshine

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 11 2019    

Let's escape, far away from the bumper-to-bumper traffic of the city. Imagine vibrant oranges and yellows paralleled with turquoise and other shades of blue. Two paths are available to you: Read More

Lunch & Libations at Oak Kitchen

Thursday, July, 11 2019    

Finding the ideal lunch spot can be daunting. Between snarling traffic and the scorching summer heat, lunchtime can become less of a relief and more of a chore. Read More

Surprising Things That You Can Cook On The Grill

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

We are getting deep into grilling season, and some days we just want to diversify our menu options. Here's a list of surprising things that you can cook on the grill. Not only does grilling give those beautiful grill marks to your food, but it imparts that charred flavour that is sought... Read More

Masterclass: The Cheeseboard

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

The cheeseboard remains one of the best tricks in the home-entertaining arsenal. Now with summer temperatures dancing on the edge of the unbearable, less time spent in the kitchen is even more appealing. It makes even more sense then to perfect the skill of assembling cheese, meats and... Read More

Crafted Cocktails @ Rib Kage Grill

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

Delicious, comforting ribs with ample sides of baked sweet potatoes aside, the latest buzz around Rib Kage Grill is the addition of five premium craft cocktails to its menu. Feel free to take notes as you'll be forgiven for not recalling them all. Read More

Drink Responsibly!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, July, 4 2019    

A quick review of our geography studies indicates the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere is June 21st. However, for many Jamaicans summer starts at the cessation of the school year, with the usual end-of-year examinations and traditional graduation ceremonies. For the... Read More


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