Nature's Goodies Pre-Cooked Green Plantains

Thursday, May, 3 2018    

I made the Nature's Goodies Jamaica Pressed Plantains because... we import too many things that we can grow here in Jamaica, including pressed plantains (tostones). I have been exposed to farming and farmers sometimes have an abundance of fruits and vegetables that we just cannot sell as... Read More

Best New Product 2018 - Nominee: Turner's Choice 100% Jamaican White Sorrel Champagne Dried Sorrel Hibiscus

Thursday, May, 3 2018    

Having won Best New Product at The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards in 2017, Turner's Choice now has seven products under its belt with the Candied Sorrel being its best seller. As with high-demand products, size and practicality must be taken into consideration. Chief Executive... Read More

Best New Product 2018 - Nominee: Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Thursday, May, 3 2018    

Our major challenge is... low per capita consumption of coffee in Jamaica. We have one of the lowest rates of coffee consumption in the Americas. This product became available to the public in... January 2018.  Read More

Four Beginner Wine Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, May, 3 2018    

The world of wine is vast; every wine enthusiast and wine professional that I have met speaks to continuous discovery and education. Still, there are 'mistakes' that novice and even some seasoned wine drinkers make. Here are a few: Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Pink Apron

Thursday, April, 26 2018    

“You bring the people, we'll bring the food”... My good friend Melanie Henry and I felt that we would bring our goodly selves, confident that Pink Apron's chefs Charissa Henry, Brittany Ho and Josh Parkins would bring the food. We had to be... Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Wine With Me

Thursday, April, 26 2018    

Wine With Me, located on Norman Manley Boulevard, was our final Stirring The Pot stop Sunday and, as difficult as it was to leave The Cliff, quite frankly, turning down an opportunity to spend time with the inimitable Cecile Levee is unheard of, and rightly so! Who else... Read More

What will you drink as you Royal-Watch?

Debra Taylor, trade development manager, Select Brands | Thursday, April, 26 2018    

The excitement is palpable as the world eagerly watches for upcoming events that will make 2018 a most exciting year for Britain's Royal family. Among them are: Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Zest Restaurant, The Cliff Hotel

Thursday, April, 26 2018    

The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards judges were back on the road Sunday. Negril was their final destination, but not before a breakfast and jumbo malt stop in MoBay at the iconic Pelican and a photo op at the larger-than-life iron image of Usain Bolt made entirely of bolts by... Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Sharkies

Thursday, April, 19 2018    

The immediately visible signage at Sharkies — 'We guarantee fast service... no matter how long it takes' and 'Hurricane Evacuation Plan ... Grab a beer and run like hell' — set the tone for a playful and laid-back atmosphere. Check your ego at the door and enjoy the moment. Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Di Wine Yaad

Thursday, April, 19 2018    

All good things must, alas, come to an end and so has Week 1 of our Stirring The Pot tour. Where to wrap our Ochi leg became a no-brainer... Read More

Everything Is A Blend

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, April, 19 2018    

Most wine lovers don't realise that practically all wines are very carefully crafted blends. Some wines, like those from Bordeaux, are a blend of different grape varietals from a certain grape-growing region. More common, however, is the blending process that takes place to make a wine... Read More

Kayter's Italian Pop-Up: Devon House

Thursday, April, 19 2018    

Chefs Christina Simonitsch and Alexa Von Strolley took 40 taste buds on an all-expense-paid trip to Italy, Friday last, when they, together with partners Select Brands Jamaica Ltd, hosted another of their increasingly popular pop-up dinners at their Kayter location in Kingston. Read More

Stirring The Pot @ SeaSide Dutchie

Thursday, April, 19 2018    

Our #StirringThePot2018 culinary escapade commenced at SeaSide Dutchie at Alterry Beach, Priory St Ann. As we disembarked the bus and made our way to the restaurant we were met by salty yet refreshing sea breeze kisses and caressing rays of sunshine on our skin setting the tone for the... Read More

Rum Flight With Joy Spence

Thursday, April, 12 2018    

There was much to learn, but a rum module with Appleton Rum Master Blender Joy Spence is as relaxing as her own personality. So in a laid-back setting punctuated by selfies with a living legend, Thursday Food learnt about the characteristics of... Read More

Wine: Is it An Acquired Taste?

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, April, 12 2018    

Last weekend a group of friends gathered to offer condolences to our group “president” who recently lost his father. There is hardly a time when ladies and gentlemen gather under these conditions without the support of a few glasses or bottles of alcoholic beverage. This time... Read More


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