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From Vine to Wine and Bean to the Bar, JFDF Tantalises Palates

Thursday, October, 3 2019    

Decadent indulgence in wine and chocolate are among life's greatest pleasures. The Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF) recently led an educational seminar in wine and chocolate pairing as part of its lead-up to the seven-day festival slated for October 26 to November... Read More

What Matters More: Food Safety, or Food Qua

Thursday, October, 3 2019    

How many of us assume that food packaged in expensive containers with world-class labels are safe? Or think that cheap packaging automatically means that something is wrong with the content? While both food safety and quality are important in ensuring that consumers are safe and... Read More

Another Glimpse Into Rum Country

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, October, 3 2019    

This week, we hit the road with a number of our rum explorers and continued on our quest to discover rum worlds right here in Jamaica. The path led us to Lionel Town, Clarendon, where we were once again taken through time. However, on this occasion we discovered... Read More

Brunch Like You Mean It!

Thursday, October, 3 2019    

Ease into the weekend with these brunch-worthy recipes from The Best Dressed Chicken, Hamilton's Smokehouse and Reggae Jammin'. Add a spray of flowers; mimosas and fresh brewed coffee and you'll have the perfect way to recharge for... Read More

Rainy-Day Dishes

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

The rainy season is upon us and afternoon showers make us want to rush home, make something comforting to eat and curl up with a good book or binge-watch Netflix . Yes, we would prefer sunny days all the time, but there is nevertheless something... Read More

Genius Meal Planning Tips and Recipes

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

Scrolling through Instagram or flipping through TV channels you'll find a world of ideas on how to eat a different meal for each of the 365 days of the year. Why, then, are most of us cooking the same thing? Simple: information overload. Processing... Read More

Water Treatment and Storage At Home

MARSHALEE VALENTINE | Thursday, September, 26 2019    

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly two billion people use either unimproved drinking water sources or improved sources that are faecally contaminated. There are many factors that may prevent us from having access to safe drinking water, such as damaged piping... Read More

Nina Compton's Spaghetti with Shrimp Rundown Sauce

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

Last Tuesday, Saveur ran a recipe story, “Run, Don't Walk, for This Pasta Inspired by Jamaican Rundown.” It immediately caught the attention of Thursday Food ! As we scrolled, we crossed our fingers that... Read More

One Rotisserie Chicken, Three Easy Meals

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

Let's face it, sometimes you need quick and easy meals to get you through the week. The thought of starting from scratch after a long day is enough to compound stress levels. If only there was an easy meal that could be purchased from the supermarket with leftovers that will jump-start... Read More

Gin Is In!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, September, 26 2019    

Following our highlights of the top 20 international trending classic cocktails, it is only fitting that this week's coverage goes to gin. Read More

Per Pound

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

Rainy weather calls for comfort food, and if you happen to be passing a construction site during a downpour the smell emanating from under a makeshift awning between drops of rain might tempt you to stop, pick up a bowl and help yourself to two super-tight dumplings and properly immersed... Read More

Simply Delicious! Epican Tapas Lounge

Thursday, September, 19 2019    

Other words could have been used to describe the meal we had Saturday last. However, “delicious” is all Thursday Food kept repeating when we sampled an array of dishes at the recently opened Marketplace resto Epican Tapas Lounge. Read More

Upping the Ante on Local Favourites

Thursday, September, 19 2019    

Hands down, Jamaica has some of the best food on Earth! Our bold flavours, creative use of vegetables and tubers, and expert handling of offal make our cuisine beloved at home and abroad. However, sometimes we want to add a little twist to local favourites to spice things... Read More

Four Student Meals That Make the Grade

Thursday, September, 19 2019    

Christi-Ann Brown loves food, but she doesn't have the time to cook. The 20-year-old French and Linguistics major is just back from a trip to France where she immersed herself in that country's culinary wonderland. Now, juggling classes and research, Brown has to grapple with the... Read More

Keeping Food Safe After A Hurricane

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, September, 19 2019    

The hurricane season is upon us and with it the possibility of losing electricity, flooding and lack of access to clean potable water. While your freezer may be able to hold up for a day, unless you have alternative methods in place to keep your cold foods cold, you will have to discard... Read More


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