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Jamaica Night at S Hotel

Thursday, March, 12 2020    

Like Kingston, the Second City is dotted with exquisite dining options that appeal to both locals and visitors. Every Friday, the S Hotel on Montego Bay's Hip Strip has a Jamaican buffet that's so good you'll want to make it a regular part of dining out. Read More

In Praise of a Great Sandwich

Thursday, March, 12 2020    

But first, a little history...  Read More

No Alcohol For Me…It's Lent!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, March, 12 2020    

It is customary during this Lenten season to abstain from some of our most pleasurable pastimes. While most people abstain for religious reasons, others find it a fashionable and on-trend activity to follow. People may abstain from rice, pork, smoking, and, dare I say, alcohol. (By the... Read More

The Meat of the Matter

Thursday, March, 12 2020    

Earlier this month at the Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, TN, the 15th annual “Power of Meat” study was released. Along with consumption trends, sales growth, and consumer preferences, the study showed that demand for meat is accelerating. Read More

Lenten Delights from the S Hotel Kitchen

Thursday, March, 12 2020    

In January 2019 Thursday Food was invited to a menu preview at the then-yet-to-be-opened S Hotel in Montego Bay. We recounted the experience in “S Hotel Delights” and shared our high expectations for chef Anthony Matthews, who is at the... Read More

Planning A Food Event — Things to Consider

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, March, 12 2020    

Event planning is not just about the décor, lighting, pricing, location, and ambiance, especially when a food event is being considered. While these are important, the most critical aspect of any form of event planning should be food safety, and as such, special attention needs to be... Read More

Taste Jamaica at the 2020 South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF)

Thursday, March, 5 2020    

The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) in partnership with Jamaica Tourist Board Miami executed the second staging of Taste Jamaica at the Food Network and Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF) on Friday, February, 21, 2020 at the National Hotel on Miami... Read More

Débè & Ohran Interpret Tapas

Thursday, March, 5 2020    

Cutting Edge Gourmet by Débè provided the tapas, CPJ the wines, Gillian Chen the décor, while Nicholas Graskof and Almando Douglas delivered the classical music. The cool climes of Mandeville provided, once again, the perfect backdrop. Read More

Modern Pied Piper?

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, March, 5 2020    

I remember growing up and reading the story of The Pied Piper in which a piper, or rat-catcher, was hired by a town to lure rats away with his magic pipe because they were suffering from a rat infestation. To be honest, that was the first thing that... Read More

Celebrating World Bartender Day

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, March, 5 2020    

On May 11, 1911 H L Mencken of the Baltimore Evening Sun wrote: “The average bartender, despite the slanders of professional moralists, is a person of self-respect and self-possession; an individual who excels at a difficult art and is well aware... Read More

Nuggets of Fun

Thursday, March, 5 2020    

Need a dose of optimism? Spend an hour or two in conversation with children, then add some Best Dressed Chicken Nuggets, and you'll have reason enough to believe that you'll be alright. Easy Nuggets SauceIngredients: Read More

Jessica in the Kitchen — March 5

Thursday, March, 5 2020    

Cheesy Quinoa Casserole - 5 Ingredients Read More

Lenten (Lighten) up your Chicken

Thursday, February, 27 2020    

The start of Lent brings a rethink of the way we eat. We want to go lighter, perhaps even less indulgent, but there is no reason to give up on flavour. Here escoveitch adds a sprightly zip to fried chicken made so much lighter by oven baking; quinoa is a hearty accompaniment to lean... Read More

Easy, delicious kebabs

Thursday, February, 27 2020    

Let's face it, kebabs are delicious and easy to prepare. Layers of juicy, tender pieces of flavourful marinated meat interspersed with colourful tender veggies is a meal the whole family can agree on! Yes, the traditional meat on stick recipes are tried and true, but take things to... Read More

Enjoying Seafood Safely During Lent

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, February, 27 2020    

Lent, for some, traditionally the time for the observation and celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. This period begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes six weeks later on Easter Sunday. Many use this time to abstain from something, usually meat, and consume fish or shellfish... Read More


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