Safe Food For the Summer: Handling Food Safely When Eating Outdoors

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

Summertime is upon us, and to beat this heat, many people will reach for that beach/picnic bag and cooler to head outdoors for a relaxing day with family and friends. However, we are not the only ones ready for the fun! This warm weather will also result in a proliferation of food-borne... Read More

Roast Pig @ Rib Kage Grill

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

Delicious cocktail beverages aside, yet another reason to add Rib Kage to your must-do restaurant list is the monthly pig roast. “Come for the pig and stay for the vibes,” shared Ferguson. The award-winning pork pro has carved the other white meat not only in Jamaica where his name... Read More

Hot Category: Rum!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, June, 27 2019    

Well, not only are we literally feeling the heat, but within the rum category we are certainly experiencing some fiery rivalry. We are not surprised. As evidenced by many of our Bar None articles, the rum category is on fire — new interests, new players, new brands and, with a... Read More

Perfect Grilling Tips

Thursday, June, 27 2019    

Frequently, we approach grilling as if there are no rules because this cooking method takes place outdoors. Believe it or not, though, grilling is a science, and while it may not be as exact as baking, there are specific steps that, if not taken, may result in a finished product that's... Read More

Read Your Nutritional Facts!

Thursday, June, 27 2019    

Food security does not only speak to ensuring that food is safe and free of contaminants. It also speaks to ensuring food is readily available and nutritious. But how can we be sure we are feeding our bodies correctly? While fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vital vitamins and... Read More

Foodie News...

Thursday, June, 27 2019    

Add AC Hotel Kingston, to your list of places to meet for breakfast from the brand's signature AC kitchen which provides a daily European-inspired breakfast buffet infused with a taste of Jamaica, and the AC lounge that includes the bar for small and large plates and refreshing cocktails. Read More

Making Game Time Delicious

Thursday, June, 27 2019    

Good friends are better than... well, most things in life! They are the ones who see you at your best, and your worst, and right now, with rising temperatures, they are also the ones to make summer weekends more interesting. “Game time for us means anything from European football to FIFA... Read More

Want to make your grilled meats irresistible? Add some smoke.

Thursday, June, 20 2019    

There is science behind why foods that have a smoky flavour are so delicious. For example, there are numerous ways to cook a steak which include using a cast-iron skillet and a gas grill. The cast-iron pan produces an exceptional crust, and a gas grill can get hot super-fast as well as... Read More

What are these dates on my food label, and what do they mean?

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, June, 20 2019    

Last week, we explored ways in which one can identify when it's time to discard food that has gone bad, one of which was checking expiry dates. However, some of us may find it confusing when trying to figure out the different terms and what they mean. Read More

DIY Summer Coolers

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, June, 20 2019    

Can you feel the heat? Summer is here, and for us in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean we definitely need very chilled libations. In fact, anything delicious, boozy and frozen is required to endure and get past this heat. This week we focus on a few DIY (do it yourself) cocktails... Read More

Son of St Mary

Thursday, June, 20 2019    

Twenty-eight-year-old Andre Bhagwandat was on Tuesday, June 11 declared MasterChef Canada season six runner-up. The title was claimed by Jennifer Crawford. Of interest to Thursday Food though are Bhagwandat's Rock-solid... Read More

Setting the Spirit Free at Db and David’s Rum Pairing

Thursday, June, 13 2019    

On Sunday, Cutting Edge Gourmet principal and chef Db-Ann Lange-Chen invited Thursday Food to her home in the cool Mandeville hills, to host Db & David's Rum Pairing. Read More

Let's Go To Rum Country!

with Debbiann Spence-Minott | Thursday, June, 13 2019    

Jamaica is renowned for having some of the best rums in the world! After the euphoria of the Jamaica Rum Festival held earlier this year, I committed to exploring some of the distilleries we do not often hear of, and sharing with you the rich historical legacy discovered. My rum... Read More

Leading Ladies in Rum for New York Rum Festival

Thursday, June, 13 2019    

Master Blender Joy Spence and Rum Fire and Hampden Estate Marketing Director Christelle Harris will speak at the third annual New York Rum Festival on Saturday, June 15 at Metropolitan West, 639W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036. The team also produces the Puerto Rico Rum Festival... Read More

Father's Day Grilling

Thursday, June, 13 2019    

With Father's Day around the corner, I thought it prudent to share a few recipes for easy dishes that you can cook on the grill. Father's Day is the perfect day for a backyard gathering, as not only do dads love grilling, but celebrating the day has a more laid-back flair, compared to... Read More


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