Food Safety Behind The Bar

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 25 2019    

It is not uncommon to neglect food safety responsibilities when it comes to operating a bar. But why do you think a public health inspector visits your location periodically to conduct inspections? And why is it that you are also required to have a food handler's permit prior to being... Read More

Veg Out Distributors Meatless Burgers

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

We made these products because... there was nothing much available in the market which is made locally. Also, the vegan/vegetarian market is a growing industry. Recent studies show 12 per cent of millennials are vegan.  Read More

Hilda's Merlot Hot Pepper Jam & Hilda's Merlot Jelly

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

I made this product because... I recognised a need for diversity in the Jamaican food market and decided to use my own innovation to create exciting products that locals and tourists can enjoy.  Read More

Tortuga Great Cake

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

We made these products because… customers wanted us to make a Tortuga version of the Jamaican Christmas fruitcake with the quality they have come to expect from Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes Limited.  Read More

Likkle Tea — Pink Shade of Lemonade, Morning Glory and Spicy Turmeric Chai

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

 We made these products because... we wanted to create a more elevated tea experience for Jamaicans with premium, locally handcrafted tea and Tisane blends.  Read More

Hapi Crunch Snacks

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

I made these products ... initially as a hobby and saw the potential to make them into a viable business. My major challenge... as of now, are finances as everything is being done out of pocket.  Read More

Seven Tips/Hacks for small food vendors and at-home manufacturing facilities

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 18 2019    

Food safety is simpler than you think. The fact that you sell pan chicken, operate a mobile food truck, or have a home-based manufacturing facility does not mean you are not required to put controls in place to ensure the safety of the food you serve or package for distribution. Read More

Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

We ventured into cheeses because... we both love food and wanted to create a business that was centred on food; a business that would allow us to express our creativity through food and in turn help us to contribute to our country in a way that adds to Jamaica's expanding food culture. Of... Read More

From Jamaica, With Love

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 18 2019    

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to interact with self-acclaimed Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell. Even though he has positioned his brand in this way, I found he was not only a name, but he also had substance. Burrell is quite knowledgeable about the business of spirits, especially... Read More

A Celebration of Community

Thursday, April, 11 2019    

Balloons signalled our arrival at Gifford House. A Celebration of Community had begun and the afternoon's chief organiser Janice Allen appeared as eager as we were. Granville, we glean from the family historian O Dave Allen, was a bold and successful experiment in spatial planning in... Read More

Captain's Bakery and Hammond's Win 'Best Bunna Man' Title

Thursday, April, 11 2019    

It was pure excitement, a heavy vanilla aroma and decadent tastings, when the Jamaica Flour Mills hosted the King of Buns Competition at the School of Hospitality, University of Technology (UTech) on Tuesday, April 2. After hours of preparation, friendly rivalry and interactive sessions... Read More

Food Safety for Start-Up Food Manufacturers

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, April, 11 2019    

We know by now that food safety is everyone's responsibility. As mentioned in our previous article, once you decide to venture into the world of food manufacturing and service, you need to be aware of all regulatory and legal requirements relevant to the products you are handling. Read More

Cocktail City — Saddle to the West!

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, April, 11 2019    

Recently, I journeyed to our second city Montego Bay and to one of my all-time faves, The Half Moon Hotel. There is a magical feeling you get once you enter the chequered-tile lobby of this beautiful property. Very attentive team members ensure that you feel you are home away from home. Read More

Lamb for Easter

Thursday, April, 11 2019    

Eating lamb at Easter and Passover goes back centuries. For Christians, it symbolises Jesus, the “Lamb of God” who sacrificed himself on the cross, and for those of the Jewish faith it celebrates the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt. If you wish to switch things... Read More

Demystifying the Grades of Beef

Thursday, April, 4 2019    

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service grades beef in five categories: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard/Commercial, and Utility/Cutter/Canner. Prime, Choice and Select are quality grades, and your family-friendly butchers at Butcher Block... Read More


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