Christmas Cookbook


When we asked Jamaicans to celebrate our caterers — 'Cater In' last month — we anticipated a positive response. What we got was an overwhelming response to a cadre of professionals who can pass muster on any international stage. Our readers applauded the initiative and suggested that we urge more persons — in our annual cookbook — to celebrate the festive season with not only family members but with friends too, and to raise a glass to friendship.


Michele Williams of Moveable Feast, and no stranger to our cookbook, celebrates friendship in magnificent style. Janet Hanna, a Trini resident in Jamaica, does just that too, complete with Christmas Parang, souse, buljohl and sweet bread.


Private chef Emma Sharp Dalton- Brown turned her kitchen into a laboratory of culinary experiments and experiences and hosted a dinner party for eight 'boozers', while Juicy Chef shows us how to make sides as interesting as the chicken, turkey, pot roast or ham.


Annakay Lazarus and Celeste Gordon will get you in the mood to dine in fine style this festive season.


Our friends on the South Coast Axel and Andrea of Mar Blu, Treasure Beach, have tasty offerings too, as well as Steve Sowa of Half Moon hotel, MoBay.


Never one to be left out of a great party, our executive chef of the year Kevin Broderick of Rockhouse hotel has once again worked culinary magic.


It's up to you now to pull the family close, spread your best table and celebrate life, love, and raise a toast to the good life as we affirm our belief that we're a country with a great culinary future.


Merry Christmas & Bon Appetit!

Novia McDonald-Whyte