Dudus-Manatt Enquiry

KD puts comrades on alert to protest Dudus/Manatt commission report

Thursday, May 05, 2011

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — KD Knight says he fully expects the commissioners in the Dudus/Manatt Commission of Enquiry to be "bold" and conclude that Prime Minister Bruce Golding and members of his Cabinet deceived the nation.

But if they don't, Knight — who led the opposition People's National Party (PNP) team of lawyers in the recent enquiry — says Jamaicans should publicly protest.

The nationally televised enquiry probed the Government's conduct in circumstances surrounding last year's extradition of former West Kingston don Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

"Prepare yourself, be ready," Knight told a PNP rally following a divisional conference at Royal Flat in central Manchester on Sunday night. "...When the report comes out if it does not reflect what you saw and what you heard then we have to take to the streets, we cannot allow it to die."

Any such protest should be disciplined and "decent", he said.

"We not burning no tyre, wi nah buss no shot, nah tear down, (but) they must hear our feet like thunder upon the road, the noise in Manchester must reach into Jamaica House in Kingston, because we will be saying Bruce you got to go, we must say we are rejecting that report because we saw it and we heard it.

"On the other hand if the commissioners are bold, and I expect them to be bold, and the prime minister as well as his Minister of Justice and Attorney General Dorothy Lighbourne and Minister of National Security Dwight Nelson were found to have been untruthful, then they should step down."

Further, he said an election would have to be called for the country to decide "whether we want them back or not".

Knight, a former Cabinet Minister, urged the PNP to be ready take over the reins of power from what he described as a "corrupt" Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government.

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