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Friday, August 29, 2014

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Control the young for a better world

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Editor,

I have seen the discussion on corporal punishment and heard talk about the banning of corporal punishment in the home. I am annoyed, but rather than simply getting angry and venting my frustration, I did some research.

My research was based on the following questions: What happens in the natural world? What does the Bible say about punishment? What are my personal beliefs? What are the alternatives? The underlying significance is that for the world to work we have to conform to create some kind of norm.

In the natural world - meaning Mother Nature, the animal kingdom, whatever you choose - I have been made to understand that the mother is very kind to her young. But I know that the mother will nip her young to provide direction, and in the natural world where a youngster does not conform, it dies.

What about the good book? We are all very knowledgeable about the Bible and quick to quote it. The Bible speaks about the danger of sparing the rod, and there is ultimate punishment for all of us who do not conform. More important, we are taught that it is through trial, tribulation and great discomfort that we become better human beings and inherit the kingdom of God.

My own personal belief is that punishment of the corporal kind is essential for us as human beings to learn our limits and to conform; this is part of our survival. How do we ensure that our societies can move in one accord and that we conform to whatever norm exists? We learn about the importance of conforming by knowing that there are consequences if we don't work together. We learn about consequences, by learning in our youth that "those who don't hear will feel".

As with everything else that we do in this country, there is never a picture drawn for what the perfect world should look like. Everyone jumps up and has an opinion, but nobody provides an alternative. If as a society the minority who know better than the rest of us are to have their way, what will this new paradigm look like? What are the suggestions for parenting, what studies have been done?

I am tired of the experts who have children who are monsters, I am tired of the Goody Two-Shoes who have no life other than to tell me what to do. I agree that excess has occurred and children have been hurt or killed by overzealous or insane people. But what kind of damage is inflicted on our country when we have a whole generation of people who have learnt no self-control?

Christopher Givans



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