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Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Warning signs you will have mother-in-law woes

Donna Hussey-Whyte
Monday, August 20, 2012

UNFORTUNATELY for many women, they end up marrying not only their men, but also the men's mothers, a situation that leads to marriages filled with heartache.

Marriage counsellors blame the interference for the breakdown of many unions, as meddlesome mothers-in-law intervene when they have no business doing so. From sex advice to parenting advice to advice on how to run the household properly, the problem is compounded when hubby gives her free reign, using the "but she's my mother" excuse to defend her every transgression.

So how do you know you will have mother-in law woes?

Here, some women who have been singed, share:

1. Your partner runs to his mother when arguments occur. Instead of working things out with you, he turns to his mother to complain and seek comfort.

2. He drops everything when she calls. This is a sure indicator that you will always be second to her.

3. She does not give you any privacy. She feels she can call at any hour of the night, or drop in any time of day or night, and he always defends her.

4. She is overly dependent financially and emotionally on her son. This means she will continue to be dependent which could lead to serious problems for the couple.

5. She is always putting you down. This shows a lack of respect for you and she will continue to eat away at your character until you become frustrated.

6. He sides with his mother. No matter how she attacks your character he always seems to be on her side rather than standing up against her to protect you.

7. He always chooses his mother's advice over yours. This clearly shows that he values her opinion above yours.

8. She talks about you negatively to just about anyone who cares to listen. This is a way of not only damaging your character, but a way to get others to dislike you. Constant attack from her will lead to your unhappiness and may even lead to you walking away from the marriage in the future, which is her ultimate goal.

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