‘Stay within the law and you should be fine’

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Pronouncements by Opposition spokesman on national security, Peter Bunting, in the House of Representatives Tuesday that the Opposition still has strong reservations about provisions of the Special Security and Community Development Measures Bill, announced last month by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has been scoffed at by Jamaica Observer online readers.

Bunting picked on a sentence from the Memorandum of Objects and Reasons of the Bill which, he said, "telegraphs the true purpose of the legislation".

The sentence states: "This Act should not have the negative impact on Jamaica, which could likely occur if a declaration of a state of public emergency was made."

"In other words, this Act attempts to give state of emergency-type powers to the security forces without having to declare a state of emergency and make it not subject to Parliamentary review. This raises a number of concerns and risks," the Opposition spokesman stated in his presentation.

Here’s how the readers reacted to the story published yesterday.

PhilT McNasty

Is Bunting just opposing everything just for opposing sake? I suppose that just makes him a great "opposerer". You belong exactly where you are Peter... in opposition!


When the opposition keep opposing everything, their voice ultimately sound like dissonance, it also inculcate the "Wolf, Wolf syndrome, even now hardly anyone takes their criticism seriously, the propaganda effect so that anytime they start to babble it looks/sounds incredible they laid their foundation carelessly, so now they have no moral authority.


Okay Mr Bunting!


If I am understanding what the Government has on the table as it relates to crime fighting and the future of the nation I wish to be the first to congratulate the Government on this approach.

We often use the term that desperate needs calls for desperate measures. Crime is at a proportion where in my view the security forces need to be able to act immediately and appropriately when situations are out of control.

There are times when curfew needs to be in place. There are times when the army needs to be brought out into the streets on short notice to deal with crisis.

If the so-called shottas realise that they cannot, and I repeat, cannot be allowed to run things as usual, and know beyond a shadow of doubt that they will be confronted and defeated by the men and women who have been hired and trained to protect the nation, they will be compelled to halt their ongoing actions which have been paralysing our people.

I support a state of emergency when such action is warranted. I have my opinion of Mr Bunting but I do not wish to discredit anyone so my option remain silent, or maybe I should just say that’s a discussion for another day.

I hope that the Government will do whatever needs to be done and will table whatever legislation necessary to eradicate crime.

Whatever party is in power needs to take the approach that they will do whatever it takes to bring the cows home. Enough is enough.


The Anti-Gang law is already on the books, find necessary resources to have it fully implemented. Why would dithering and wavering leaders be given more powers without any real serious anti-corruption legislation proposals brought to Parliament to date?.

Eternal Father Bless our Land

Sometimes you have to give up certain freedoms to the state in order to secure your safety and let us face it, with the crime level that the JLP inherited from the PNP we have to go above and beyond the norm in order to stay this beast and I for one would like to be able to sleep safe in my bed again without jumping up every time the dogs bark! MoBay, Westmoreland, Hanover, and Clarendon, once low crime areas, have gone to hell and the disease is permeating other parishes... we need to act decisively and the only people this will affect are criminals... Stay within the law and you should be fine!

Alexis F

The Government would be foolish and stupid to pass such a bill as the negatives would outweigh the benefits. Make sure any such bill passed has the firm backing of the international partners. I am telling you I see where this can potentially remove the Government from office in the same way the Dudus incursion affected the JLP. However in this case it will have far more long-term effects.

My main issue is he is not seeking the approval of Parliament and this would be a one-man dictatorship kinda show. Declare a state of emergency instead but don’t give yourself dictatorship powers.

We need the input of every jack man in Parliament every single time the rights of Jamaicans are taken away. One man shouldn’t be able to declare his opponent constituency a zone of problems and send the police to terrorise the people out of spite. Think about the future, that’s my thing. Else last resort would be someone independent would have to sign off each time. Say, for instance, the governor general, unless he is the reason the state of emergency can’t happen, perhaps he refusing to?

mama-ess speak it like it is

Statistics show that Bunting has been the most effective Minister of NS that this country has ever seen. Go with facts not personalities.

The Sign

Bunting-joker. What laws did he pass to help the crime situation in Jamaica? What does he want? The status quo? These laws on the face of it, should have been passed long time.


If the comrades are against it that means it is good!

Numero Uno

Take a good look at garrisons in Jamaica then ask yourself if Peter Bunting hit his head on the bench in Gordon House.

speak it like it is

Under Bruce the police wanted to expand the then state of emergency. This man said no but when in government called for divine intervention. Then get rob and walk around with people behind him singing and talking about peace march. How can you have any kind of peace when gunman have high-powered rifle to use at any given moment? Now he’s at it again going against anything this government say. As if what he did as security minister gave anyone any confidence other than Portia in him. Or make any dent in the fight against crime. But, as always, opposition in Jamaica think all they have to do is say no. When they should debate what problem there is and come up with what they think is better. Which means solution and we already know Peter has none. So try and put forth what you think is best, Peter, and not just say no.


I am firmly convinced none of these politicians are serious about tackling crime. If they were serious, they would begin to look at the inequalities in punishment for different crimes.

Everything being proposed here, has been tried to some degree, with little, to no success. Guns are the main contributor to the crime problem, yet no considerations are given to making the importation and possession of gun, as serious as using the gun to commit murder... You see, without the gun and bullets these cowards have fewer opportunity to murder.


If Bunting tries to politicise crime, which is wreaking havoc on the Jamaican society, the backlash will be severe.


How could anyone take this man’s utterances on crime seriously?

G pang

Mr Bunting can you please leave politics completely? You had your chance to make changes but you did nothing. Please can you step down and give young people a chance to run the country?


Mr Bunting was one of the biggest failures. All his pretty talk and corny jokes and throw wud will not cause us to forget his horrible performance.


1 The only power a member of the Opposition party has in a Parliamentary system is to criticize the government or oppose the government. So, that is exactly what Bunting is doing.

2.The main reason why members of the Opposition party only has limited power, which is to criticise or oppose the government, is that the prime minister has the majority members in Parliament, no matter how slim of a majority the prime minister has, he or she holds most of the powers in Parliament. The same thing in UK Parliament.

3.The point of my blog is to make sure every citizen understands what power Bunting has. Please don’t misinterpret my explanation of Bunting power. I am not for Bunting or against Bunting regarding his opposition of JSC provisions.

4.Yes, he may be very well opposing for opposing sake, but that is not the focus of my blog. Just want to clear up any misunderstanding that may arise.


What was your crime plan though? I’d love to take a read off it

Jacquline Tummings

All the goverment have to do is declare a state of emergency without informing the public and you would be surprise the amount of gun them find and all (upholding) mothers go to jail with those gangsters done.




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