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Tuesday, March 04, 2014    

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CANADA-based Jamaican journalist Ewart Walters has come in for ridicule from Jamaica Observer online readers over views he put forward in a new book blaming late prime minister and Jamaica Labour Party leader Sir Alexander Bustamante for Jamaica's lack of progress. In the book Walters argued, among other things, that it was Bustamante's decision to split from the People's National Party that disrupted the national unity movement and led to divisions and political violence. Here are some edited comments:


Free marketing, for his new book. Has little to do with politics.


Stupid argument, stupid book, typical PNP supporter always looking someone else to blame for wrecking Jamaica.


So you want the very thing that both Busta and Seaga opposed, one-party state? This is one-sided garbage of the highest order; sounds like communism to me.

Peter Bradshaw

The blame it all on Bustamante battalion is on the move. Forward march! The writer failed to recall that Norman Manley of the early sixties in effect voted against the very same self-government he championed some two decades before. Someone draw for Hansard...

Mike Graham

@Peter Bradshaw: Well put. The fact that this writer left Jamaica to live in Canada should be given greater attention. Is Canada a one-political party state?

These people propose solutions for the country that they are not willing to live under. There are many more like this. Many of the former leaders of the PNP lived their final years outside of Jamaica.


I would be interested to know which six years this writer spent in Ottawa representing his party, yes party? That and who appointed him will tell a tale. Mr/Ms editor, can you help with this info? This man has an agenda. Busta played a role, but we had a peaceful country when he was PM. I think we all know when Jamaica turned downhill, so why is this man trying to blame it on Busta? He needs to take off his orange blinkers and look at a time some years after Busta for the real destruction.


@Travellingman: Watch for Mr Walters to be 'invited' back to Jamaica for a plum government job soon..

Anthony II

So, as long as Busta had remained PNP and the country governed by the Norman Manley PNP, everything would have been fine? Such arrant hogwash! Other countries, including countries in the Caribbean with similar histories to Jamaica, have not descended into the violence and political violence and partisanship that Jamaica has simply because of two-party political systems; and I am sure they have opposition parties that oppose (such a novel idea: an opposition party that opposes!).


In no way is this story fair to the realities of the time. Clearly a one-sided 'hatchet job'. Not that there's no truth in the story, but clearly a selection of facts to arrive at a prescribed conclusion. Needed... An unbiased, independent analysis is what Jamaica needs.

Dr D nealcm

What since Busta? He was PM from 1962-7... What since then? I'm not saying he had no part in the downfall but 47 years is a loong time to make good.

Winston Anderson

Your present leader is following chicken back, which her poor people can't even get today. Busta was a pioneer, and he saw things even before educated Manley, so give the man what is due to him. He was a soldier who went in front to face the enemy.

Robert Foster

Only one word is needed to describe this article... RUBBISH !

Steve Mambafour Ellis

Sounds like more PNP propaganda. PNP good. JLP bad. Sigh


LOL! Another attempt by the desperate and the despicable to reinvent history and point blame at the failure of his "party" to advance the development of Jamaica. For those of us who treasure democracy and the multi-party state it is an insult to our intelligence to believe that one man's decision to form a second political party is the reason for our present predicament, moreso since the large majority of all prosperous countries in the world enjoy a multi-party democracy versus those with a one-party system...

chapter 1

No one person or entity should be blamed for Jamaica's demise. We have had numerous opportunities in the past to engineer a social path to ensure our own upliftment, but became either distracted or uninterested once we realised attainment is only possible with sacrifice and patience.


So you want a one-party state, sounds like communism to me.


@Dada: That was the propaganda argument that set back Jamaica more than fifty years; you would be surprised the influence outside forces had(has) on our demise !


Michael Manley should be included alongside Busta.


@Brian: Leave Michael Manley out [of] this mess and add the original Don to this true story, I know the truth hurt but hush.

adam godson

@indecom: Leave michael out of this mess? Remember the 70s? But of course, people like you will blame the CIA and everybody else, except those who ran the country to a wreck.


This journalist must have had PNP sponsorship to be predicting the what would have been if Jamaica were a one-party state. I do hope he reveals his funding support in his tax return.


@revjoanporteous: Absolutely. Jamaicans make fun of Bustamante's intellect with regards what he did for this country. But you would [be] drawn in quarters, tarred, feathered and hacked to death if you dare question the Most Honourable PM who does not possess even an ounce of Busta's frisson.


A very good assessment; and I am still puzzled as to why "Busta" is even considered a national hero. Lest it be forgotten, at one stage, the JLP was the only right-wing labour party in the world!


One man's interpretation of the times.


Not just Buata, all politicians in some way or the other set back my island paradise.

Sean H

Sounds like the author has some serious political beef carrying. If 'Busta' set Jamaica back, what adjective(s) would be appropriate to describe what Michael Manley has done to Jamaica? What of the likes of Patterson, Davies and now Miller ?


@Sean H: Two thumbs up. The interesting part is that HIS PNP government has governed us for a significantly longer period than the JLP post-independence, I wonder what are his thoughts on that fact as it relates to our present circumstance.

chris c

I find it disingenuous that people who choose to live outside of Jamaica can write such utter crap about our country and want to see a one-party state in Jamaica, but choose to live in multi-party countries [that] practise democracy and who always love to talk about their love of democracy...


What the guy is saying is that Jamaica should remain a ONE-PARTY STATE... He is yet to grasp the difference between UNITY and UNIFORMITY. In any case, he did not bother to provide us with an example of a country that has ONE PARTY, and is SUCCESSFUL economically and socially because of it. Very simplistic's like saying that there would be no need for lawyers if everyone obeys the law.


This is BULL MANURE. It will have value in a cabbage patch or a calaloo bed. This gentleman clearly preferred a one-party state under the dictatorship of the party of his choice. I hope at the front of the book is a glossary of terms as the AUTHOR understands them to mean. Such as GOOD means BAD and PROGRESS means when the development of a society is retarded. This man clearly lives in a world of OPPOSITES!


LOL. Another attempt by the desperate and the despicable to reinvent history and point blame at the failure of his "party" to advance the development of Jamaica.


The history of Jamaica is not hidden. It is well documented. We all know not one lie was said in this article. If you were around then, like most older people, you can identify the facts in this article. I dislike all politics in Jamaica and have no affiliation, because of the divisiveness of our politics. But if we know our history, accept it and learn from it, we will be a better country.


How stupid can one be.Which Country in the world have one party system and can boast of human rights standards Bustamante should be credited for his initiatives instead. STUPID WRITER!


Has anyone noticed that for the PNP supporters all of their leaders and members are saints? Everyone else is a domestic terrorist because they dare to think and opine differently


Intellectual dishonesty?

Courtney Barrette

...I have never read such utter unadulterated garbage before.


A desperate grasp at intellectualism





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