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Fenton hails outgoing VP Arscott

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Outgoing Vice-President of the Opposition People's National Party Noel “Butch” Arscott has been lauded by one of his colleague deputies as the 80-year-old political organisation gets ready to elect a new set of second-tier leaders.

Long-serving Vice-President Dr Fenton Ferguson described Arscott as one who dug deep for his party and worked tirelessly to improve on the political foundation that has existed for decades.

Arscott the Member of Parliament for Clarendon South Western and a former Minister of local government and community development in the last PNP Administration led by the now retired Portia Simpson Miller from 2012 to 2016, declined to be nominated up to the time that the process closed over a week ago.

He had served as vice-president under his cousin's leadership for eight years. Initial reports were that Arscott would have put himself forward again to vie for one of four VP positions, but he changed his mind when it appeared that the field had become too crowded. The desire to also focus on business matters close to him were also put forward as a reason.

There are six candidates vying to fill the slots — Dr Ferguson, Dr K Wykeham McNeill, Angela Brown Burke, all incumbents; along with newcomers Phillip Paulwell, Mikhail Phillips, and Damion Crawford.

For Dr Ferguson, though, the work of Arscott over the years has resonated throughout the party in a positive way.

“I want to congratulate Comrade “Butch” Arscott who served for eight years as vice president, and who fought hard for the party over the years that he served as VP and long before that as a member. He has now taken time off to rebuild his business, but it was eight years of sacrifice to the party and the Government, and now he will turn his attention to doing other things that will lift the party.

“I am sure that he will make himself available to take on assignments as the president desires, because he is a true party man and a dedicated party stalwart. His experience over the years will serve the party well,” said Ferguson, a dental surgeon by profession who is also Member of Parliament for St Thomas Eastern.

— H G Helps