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'Not every father is a John Crow'

Dad agonises over disappearance of baby boy

Senior staff reporter

Monday, January 06, 2020

FIRST-time father 20-year-old Nathaniel Frank is a man tormented.

Having pledged to be there for his child, unlike his own father who disappeared from his life when he was two years old, Frank has been in a tailspin since October 13 when his son disappeared in a bizarre incident.

“People might see mi and say mi a live good, but mi not alright. Right now mi tattoo mi son name on mi neck and every night mi sleep with him blanket. Mi miss mi son. Mi can get more yout' yes, but him a the first one and no one can replace him. If a 10 year dem tek to find him, mi cannot forget bout him,” an emotional Frank told the Jamaica Observer on Friday.

“My son comes first. A mi first yout' and him need him father. Unless mi dead, a dat a di only way him naw go si mi,” the elder Frank continued.

His child, Nyyear Frank, was reportedly snatched from his mother by a group of men on Rousseau Road in St Andrew. He was five weeks old at the time.

Since then, neither police investigators nor his parents have got wind of his whereabouts or his supposed abductors.

For Frank, the torment has been made more intense because of his own background.

“To tell yuh di truth mum, I don't know my real father. He left me when I was two and a half years old; someone else has been my father from then. From before him [Nyyear] born I always tell myself that my father cut lef mi so mi caan leave mine,” he confessed.

He related that even though the relationship with his son's mother was rocky, he made it his duty to show up on his return to the island following a trip abroad last May.

“I put that aside and I say I can't let the yout' suffer. When I came down the first clinic date she had, I went with her and everybody was like “a him a di baby father”? I was the only father there. Fathers are not recognised in this country; it's always the mother. But not every father is a John Crow; some of us mean well,” said Frank.

The young man said many people have fingered him in his son's disappearance.

On Friday the police told the Observer that the investigation into the child's disappearance is still ongoing.

“Regrettably, we have still not been able to locate the baby but the investigation is still not dead. We are still earnestly trying to find the individual or the individuals involved in the kidnapping of this child,” the police said.