Hell on earth! Observer readers express outrage at Irwin incident

Thursday, September 27, 2012    

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JAMAICA Observer online readers have reacted with disgust to yesterday's lead story about the raping of five females — including an eight-year-old girl and two teens ages 14 and 16 — by gunmen in Irwin, St James on Monday night. The incident has sent shockwaves across the country, with both the Government and the Opposition condemning the act. Here are some comments:

Jam Rock:

After witnessing some of the most heinous and brutal crimes in this country, I thought nothing else could shock me. I was wrong. Mr Bunting, please release the army. Time for a real state of emergency.

Ahmeman Ah No Shabba:

Reneto DeCordova Valentino Adams... we definitely miss you... I recommend him to be the new commissioner of police. We must fight fire with fire, and they DO fear him.

Ras London

Lawd, mi head a hot mi. Mi caan tek no more!

Mark Brown

This article makes me cringe. There was a time when women and the elderly were the untouchables in our society. Oh my God, how times have changed! Pregnant women being gunned down, toddlers being raped, the elderly robbed and killed, the list goes on and on, sadly. Oh Jamaica, the rest of the world cries for you.

Jammin In JA

I'm at a loss for words. WOW! What is happening to our country? Did anyone see what happened? If so, please speak up or you are just as bad as the perpetrators of this atrocious crime!

Johnny Gordon

Come on, guys! Somebody, anybody, take a bold step against these heartless brutes. Too many recent instances of extremely abhorrent and degrading acts. The country is sliding into raw decadence and lawlessness and it seems we are drifting from one atrocity to the next with no let-up. We need our leaders to take a stand for something.

Sonny Black

As usual, the carnage continues: rape, murders, shootings, not to mention the clueless leaders running around with their heads in the sand hoping for some miracle. Haiti, with no government and proper security forces, has a higher growth rate and far less murders than Jamaica. Well, all is not lost when we start to teach patois instead of Standard English. Who knows? Things may change for the better. Hmm, if only wishes were horses?

The Greek Effect

I've changed my mind re hanging. Bring it back and I will fly the trap. Yes, we might have mistakes but these murderers won't be able to be so bold.

C Brown

Stop talking and do something about it. Pass the necessary laws and hold politicians accountable. People need to stop minding their own business and start looking out for each other, because the animals live amongst us.

Jay Brown

Jamaica has become hell on earth. Are you telling me that no one saw or heard anything during the ordeal, or because of fear they choose to remain silent. How come no demonstration demanding justice for the women? I am so angry with Jamaica and Jamaicans right now, because of the "silence" of our people.

The tourist parish has become the "hell parish".



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