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Police nab four robbers in Black River

Saturday, October 17, 2020

THE constabulary's Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) reported yesterday that the swift action of lawmen in St Elizabeth led to the arrest of four men after they committed a robbery in Barbary Hall district in Black River on Wednesday.

Two of the men, said the CCU, had been out on bail for murder at the time of their arrest.

Police said about 2:50 pm the armed men entered a store, held up several customers and demanded money. The customers were robbed of cellular phones, valued at 52,000, and the business place $156,000.

“The men then exited the store and fired one shot in the air. They escaped in a white motor car which was intercepted an hour later by lawmen along the Fort Charles main road in the parish. All four men were arrested.

The men, who are suspected to have committed a series of robberies in the parish, are awaiting an identification parade,” the CCU said.