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Reimporting goods after repair or servicing

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Q: I bought a television overseas and took it with me through the airport when I arrived in Jamaica. When I got home and examined it, I realised that the screen was cracked. What is the process to send it back and reimport it thereafter?

A: The process for this particular query is twofold — exportation and subsequent reimportation. Firstly, the exporter must visit the relevant port of entry (in this case the airport) and present the television for verification. It will be examined and the serial number and any other identifying marks noted on the Customs C43 form.

After the form is completed, the exporter will be directed to the customs cashier to pay the processing fee of $600 and stamp duty of $5. The C43 will then be returned to the exporter.

Upon the return of the television to the island, the importer must present the original copy of the C43 form and the invoice for the repairs to the customs officer.

If modification/repair was done, the duty will be applied to the cost of said repair or modification. Duty is, however, not paid if items are repaired under warranty, but documentary evidence is required to verify this claim. The television will then be released to the importer.

If persons are exporting items for repairs that may be subsequently exchanged, they should first seek the approval of the Collector of Customs if they intend to request a refund of the duties paid on the item when it was imported. Duty is payable on the exchanged item when it is imported.

For more information, visit the Jamaica Customs Department website,, where you can access live help by clicking on the 'Live Help' link or contact us through our 24-hour Quick Response Team at or 1-888-customs.